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VAI S2K Pharma OnCloud software for distribution ensures that industry specific regulations and institutional requirements are met.

S2K Pharmaceutical
The pharmaceutical industry experiences ongoing changes. The challenges of increased market demand and stricter legislation increases the demand for more efficient and flexible supply chain management solutions for pharma distribution companies. VAI’s S2K Pharma OnCloud software utilizes advanced technology to help you meet those challenges head-on, as well as to improve operational processes and to monitor and collect data for reporting to drug enforcement agencies.

Automation in the pharmaceutical supply chain is critical to ensure success. Leveraging 40 years of enterprise management software experience, S2K Pharma OnCloud is a completely integrated ERP software solution that helps pharmaceutical companies ensure that industry-specific regulations and institutional requirements are met, while helping companies lower costs and increase customer satisfaction. S2K Pharma OnCloud software helps distributors of all sizes with DEA license management and reporting, pedigree lot tracking, forecasting and procurement, warehouse management, sales force automation, and much more.
S2K Pharmaceutical Compliance
Pharmaceutical Compliance

Ensure requirements are met

Pharmaceutical Software helps distributors with:

  • License Management (DEA, PHS, HIN, State)
  • Suspicious Order Monitoring
  • DSCSA for Serialization
  • Compliance Management
  • Chargebacks
  • REMS
  • Max to Ship Controls
  • Product Recalls
  • ARCOS Reporting

S2K Pharmaceutical Suggested Purchasing
Supply & Demand Planning

Forecast demand and predict trends

Automated purchasing systems are a key tool in helping businesses reduce inventory and increase sales. They are imperative in helping maintain customer service levels and retaining your customers.

These solutions can optimally push order quantities up to get prepaid freight, or to hit vendor minimums, or to cube out a full container, if desired - all while honoring pack sizes.

S2K Supply & Demand
S2K Pharmaceutical Warehouse Management
Warehouse Management

Improve warehouse operations

Warehouse management systems have been a proven tool to help companies improve warehouse operations, increase employee productivity, and insure customer satisfaction.

Mobile Warehouse apps make transaction processing in your warehouse lighter, easier, and faster than ever. By leveraging mobile devices, data can be presented in a clear concise easy-to-read format that reduces training time and speeds up operations.

Warehouse Management
S2K Pharmaceutical Business Intelligence
Business Intelligence

Leverage your ERP data

In today’s highly competitive market it is imperative that you constantly evaluate the success of the activities in which your business engages in.

Modern ERP systems are generating massive amounts of data and it has become critical that companies leverage business intelligence tools to help them easily identify anomalies that turn into significant business issues, and identify trends that lead to business opportunities.

S2K Analytics
S2K Pharmaceutical Mobile Ordering
Mobile Ordering

Turn smart devices into business tools

Mobile solutions turn ordinary smartphones into powerful business tools that can help you improve efficiencies, enhance customer service, and increase sales.

Mobile apps have become a key sales tool for companies of all sizes. Giving your sales team immediate access to account and product information can make the difference between getting the sale or not.

S2K Mobile
S2K Pharmaceutical Advanced Applications
Advanced Applications

Enjoy right fit solutions

A critical component of the product tracing scheme outlined in the DSCSA is the product identifier. This requires that each package and homogenous case of product in the pharmaceutical distribution supply chain bear a product identifier that is encoded with the product’s standardized numerical identifier, lot number, and expiration date by specific dates. Repackagers, Wholesale Distributors, and Dispensers, starting November 27, 2018, November 27, 2019, and November 27, 2020, respectively, are required to verify product in certain circumstances at the package level, including the standardized numerical identifier.
S2K Pharma OnCloud Software Features include:
  • License Management
  • DEA Registrant Upload
  • Pharma Compliance Tools
  • Traceability
  • REMS
  • Product Allocation
  • CSOS & ARCOS Reporting
  • Contract Pricing
  • Chargeback Processing
  • Verification of Saleable Returns using VRS
S2K Pharma OnCloud Brochure
S2K Pharma OnCloud Brochure

Make confident decisions that better address real-time business imperatives.

S2K Pharmaceutical Capital Drug
Capital Drug Video

Stay ahead of the competition.

S2K Pharma Video
S2K Pharma OnCloud Video

S2K Pharma OnCloud solution provides the automation your distribution supply chain needs in the age of DQSA.

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