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S2K Pharmaceutical ERP Software ensures that industry-specific regulations and institutional requirements are met

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The pharmaceutical industry experiences ongoing changes. The challenges of increased market demand and stricter legislation increases the demand for more efficient and flexible pharmaceutical supply chain management solutions. VAI’s S2K Pharmaceutical ERP Software utilizes advanced technology to help you meet those challenges head-on, as well as to improve operational processes and to monitor and collect data for reporting to drug enforcement agencies.

Automation in the pharmaceutical supply chain is critical to ensure success. Leveraging 40 years of enterprise management software experience, S2K for Pharma is a completely integrated ERP software solution that helps pharmaceutical companies ensure that industry-specific regulations and institutional requirements are met, while helping companies lower costs and increase customer satisfaction. S2K for Pharma helps distributors and manufacturers of all sizes with DEA license management and reporting, pedigree lot tracking, forecasting and procurement, warehouse management, sales force automation, lean manufacturing, and much more.

Features include:

  • Direct Shipments
  • Non Stock Special Orders
  • Quotes
  • Shopping lists
  • Future Orders
  • Blanket Orders
  • Counter Sales
  • Bar codes order verification
  • Customer retail pricing and labels
  • NDC#, Generic#
  • Pedigree tracking
  • IMA controls
  • Lot control
  • Serial number tracking
  • Complimentary and substitute items
  • Kit and Manufacturing
  • Comprehensive pricing matrix
  • Price and cost to 4 decimals, 20 position

"By enhancing its efficiency and inventory accuracy, Smith Drug Company now has room to grow and is poised for continuous expansion in the years to come. The solution has helped improve the company’s efficiency in warehousing and distribution operations, thus allowing us to open a third location, one of our primary goals."

- Isaac Rogers, Vice President of Operations, Smith Drug Company

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