Frequently Asked Questions

What is VAI?

VAI (Vormittag Associates Inc.) is a leading developer of ERP software for distributors, manufacturers, and specialty retailers.

Where is VAI Located?

VAI is headquartered on Long Island, New York. We have branch offices in Florida, Chicago, Illinois, and California.

Where are VAI’s employees located?

VAI’s employees are located across the United States. 100% of VAI’s employees live within the United States.

Who are VAI’s ERP systems designed for?

VAI’s ERP systems are designed for mid-market wholesale distributors and manufacturers in many industries including food, pharmaceutical (distribution only), and durable goods.

What are my deployment options with your ERP systems?

VAI’s ERP systems can run on your premises, in our cloud, or in a hybrid model. The software is exactly the same regardless of deployment and is accessed via a browser.

How is your software priced?

Pricing for VAI’s ERP systems is based on a few factors, including number of concurrent users, the modules and applications your business needs, and preferred method of deployment. Contact us for a custom quote for your business.

How do you implement your ERP system?

VAI directly supports and implements new clients - not through a VAR or reseller. We assign your business with a comprehensive project team that understands your business and industry, to ensure a successful implementation process.

How do you support your clients?

VAI directly supports our clients, with 24/7/365 support available for your business. All of our support is located within the United States. We have multiple layers of support available, including our Help Desk and your assigned project team.

What applications does your ERP software offer?

Our ERP software offers applications including:
  • Financial Management
  • Distribution Management
  • Manufacturing Management
  • Warehouse Management (WMS)
  • Business Intelligence/Analytics
  • e-Business/e-Commerce
  • Supply and Demand Planning
  • Suite of Mobile Applications
  • Retail POS (Point- of- Sale) Management
  • Rental Management
  • Service and Repair Management
  • and more!

Does your software integrate with other applications?

Yes, VAI’s ERP systems come with an extensive list of open APIs for integration with other applications.

Is your ERP software customizable to my needs?

Yes, VAI has a robust team of programmers who will make changes to the software to meet your business needs. With the licensing of VAI software, the source code is provided to our applications for unmatched flexibility with our system.

What devices are compatible with your software?

The software is compatible with any device with access to a modern browser.

How is the user interface accessed?

Users access the software through any modern browser.

Does your software work with mobile devices?

Yes, VAI offers specific native mobile applications. Some of these applications can work connected or disconnected for continual business processes regardless of user location.

Does your software come with a sandbox?

Yes, VAI’s software license includes a sandbox environment at no additional cost.