Education & Training

An important part of successful implementation of your new S2K Enterprise software is the training of your staff.

VAI offers several options: Webex software training, video training, onsite training services, and classroom software training workshops.

Webex Software Training Workshops

VAI takes advantage of the Internet by offering Webex software training. Real-time instruction of S2K Enterprise allows you to follow the instructor through S2K Enterprise screens without ever leaving your office. All that is required is a phone line and an Internet connection. As you listen to the instructor on the phone you will be able to follow screen by screen throughout the Webex software training process.

Onsite Training Services

VAI educators are available to come to your organization for onsite training services, or can provide custom training at our corporate office. The workshop agendas in this section can be used as a guide, or we can develop a customized agenda that suits your specific needs. Onsite training sessions can be divided between all end-users and management, delivering specific information, and practices accordingly.

Classroom Software Training Workshops

Classroom Software Training Workshops are held at VAI's corporate office in Ronkonkoma, New York. Our software training courses cover the basics of S2K Enterprise functions. Courses are available for Implementation, Accounting, Customer Orders, Inventory, Customer Relationship Management, Retail Point of Sale, Warehouse Management, Purchasing, Manufacturing, and IBM Power System Operations. Appropriate, hands-on exercises are available during software training sessions. Each course is subject to a minimum enrollment.