Electrical Supply Software

VAI's S2K Enterprise OnCloud for the Electrical Supply Industry Software helps electrical distributors forecast and respond to demands in ways that traditional supply chain processes cannot address. This fully-integrated electrical distribution software offers numerous features and benefits that leverage technology to transform your organization across-the-board. You will improve supplier relationships, dramatically improve customer satisfaction, and increase productivity as a result of improved process efficiencies.

With VAI's S2K Enterprise OnCloud for the Electrical Supply Industry, you will have the robust tools you need to quickly and easily:
  • Identify out of stock items
  • Identify slow moving items
  • Access real-time inventory data

Electrical Supply Software Solutions
Building Supply Software features increase productivity, profitability and improve customer Automate business processes across your organization with VAI’s integrated electrical distribution software solution. Features include:

  • Bar Coded Order Verification
  • Comprehensive Pricing Matrix
  • Future Orders
  • Manufacturer's Part # Search
  • Serial Number Tracking
  • Blanket Orders
  • Counter Sales
  • Kit and Manufacturing
  • Non-Stock Special Orders
  • Shopping List
  • Complementary and Substitute Items
  • Direct Shipments
  • Lot Control
  • Price and Cost to 4 Decimals
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