Candy & Tobacco

Managing a candy & tobacco business requires meticulous inventory tracking and strict adherence to regulations. VAI's Candy & Tobacco ERP empowers you to tackle these challenges head-on. Seamlessly track both stamped and unstamped inventory, ensuring compliance regardless of the jurisdiction of the sold inventory. Our system supports tracking of un-stamped and stamped cigarettes, advanced customer/vendor rebate tracking, and more. Additionally, the software automates excise tax tracking across various jurisdictions and simplifies MSA reporting. Our end-to-end candy and tobacco ERP empowers you to streamline operations, ensure compliance, and focus on growing your business.

VAI’s Candy & Tobacco Software Includes:
  • Tracking of stamped and unstamped cigarettes
  • Multi-jurisdiction and automated excise tax and automated MSA reporting
  • Advanced customer/vendor rebate, billback and promotion tracking
  • Full warehouse management system (WMS) for increased fulfillment rate
  • Integrated applications for route management, proof-of-delivery (POD), route sales, and more

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