Durable Goods

Durable Goods

Manufacturing Software

S2K Enterprise Enhances manufacturing productivity and enables durable goods companies to adapt to customer demand

Key Features of S2K Enterprise

Financial Management
  • Take control of your finances with a fully integrated financial management system that includes AR, AP, GL, and Fixed Assets
  • Utilize pre-configured or create your own financial reports to understand how any aspect of your business is performing in real-time
  • Customer and vendor rebate tracking
  • ERP system transactions flow automatically to the GL
  • Real-time insight into inventory levels

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Inventory Management
  • View inventory levels, committed inventory and inventory by warehouse/location all in real-time
  • See item performance history and rank to show what items might be in excess or deadstock
  • Lot and date tracking available for item recalls and enhanced tracking ability

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Supply and Demand Planning
  • Automatic calculations of safety & max stock, vendor lead times, and vendor performance
  • Account for seasonal items, unusual order sizes, and future order demand
  • Target & Forward Buying functionality to allow buyers to take advantage of potential cost savings from vendors

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Warehouse Management System (WMS)
  • Streamline your warehouse processes to reduce errors and increase employee productivity
  • Receive, pick, pack, ship, perform cycle counts, physical inventory counts, bin replenishment, and warehouse transfers
  • Reduce warehouse churn with an easy to use mobile application for ease of use and training

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CRM & Sales
  • Whether in the field or at the office, manage new and existing customers from any device
  • Manage leads and opportunities with opportunity dashboards, log activities, and create tasks to ensure no lead is left behind
  • Create and quickly convert quotes into orders, open support tickets, view stock and inventory levels, open orders, and more to ensure customer satisfaction

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Marketing Automation
  • Design custom and automated marketing campaigns to create engagement throughout the entire sales process
  • Create workflows based on engagement to ensure no lead or prospect is left behind
  • Complete integration with S2K’s CRM, eCommerce, and your favorite sales and marketing tools

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  • All-in-one website for order capture, vendor portal, and customer self-service
  • Completely integrated in real-time with backend ERP system
  • Full B2B and B2C transaction processing
  • User-based access and permissions for enhanced security
  • Flexible design that can be personalized to your business
  • Integrations with Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, and more for enhanced marketing and sales operations

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Manufacturing Management
  • Create, store, and track multiple Bills of Material (BOM) for finished goods
  • Record/track labor and material usage with Shop Floor Control management
  • Use Material Requirements Planning (MRP) to plan inventory usage and purchasing needs based on demand and forecasts
  • Design manufacturing work orders with multiple revisions and BOMs and create routing steps to outline every part of the manufacturing process
  • Ensure production meets demand with Capacity Requirements Planning (CRP)
  • Create automated quality checks throughout the manufacturing steps to maintain product quality
  • Track lot controlled or serialized items

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Service & Repair
  • Field service solution with optional mobile application for service and repair calls
  • Track calls through various user defined stages, tracking labor hours and the materials consumed
  • Support for serialized items, items that were sold by your company, and items that were not sold by your company
  • Full integration with ERP system for holistic processing of the service and repair call

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Retail Point-of-Sale (POS)
  • Support walk-in and on-account customers and sales
  • User friendly, touch screen-enabled user interface
  • Process orders and returns
  • Accept multiple forms of payments, including gift cards

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Mobile Applications
  • Native mobile applications including:
    • Mobile Order Entry (works disconnected or connected)
    • Proof-of-Delivery (POD - works disconnected or connected)
    • Warehouse Management
    • Route Sales/DSD (works disconnected or connected)

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Rental Management
  • Create rental calendars with schedules, availability tracking and to take reservations for rental items and equipment
  • Automatically trigger maintenance activity based on rental status and usage
  • Easy management of rental items for conversion into sellable items
  • Track serialized equipment, usage, damage and more

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