S2K eBusiness
S2K eBusiness is built with IBM WebSphere Portal technology, which provides your customers with a highly personalized and engaging website experience, containing the applications and information they need. Using the latest responsive design techniques, the website is optimized for any device, making it easy for your customers to do business with your company from their desktop or mobile device. They can easily educate themselves about an offering or product, its features, pricing, and availability. They can quickly execute transactions across applications and access enterprise data, all in real-time.
Advantages of eBusiness:
  • Cheaper than Traditional Business
    Electronic business is much cheaper than traditional business. Because there is no interaction between the seller and the buyer,the transaction cost is effectively less.
  • Flexible Business Hours
    Since the internet is always available, eBusiness breaks down the time barriers that location-based businesses encounter. As long as someone has an Internet connection, you may be able to reach and sell your product or service to these visitors on your business website.
  • No Geographical Boundaries
    There are no geographical boundaries for eBusiness. Anyone can order anything from anywhere at any time.
  • Improved Customer Service
    Customers value and prefer self-service channels to human interactions. Online selfservice saves time, increases accuracy, improves retention, and builds customer loyalty. Providing self-service to customers will also free up your sales team to focus on higher value activities.
One System to Manage your Business

One System to Manage your Business

S2K eBusiness allows you to operate more efficiently by providing complete integration with S2K Enterprise ERP. 

This allows for up-to-the-minute live updates between S2K Enterprise ERP software and your web storefront including inventory, pricing, orders, shipments, and payments. With our dynamic “catalog builder”, data from S2K inventory master files can automatically create your online product catalog. To enhance your web presence, users can take advantage of the Product Catalog Manager tool to add rich product information including: searchable attributes, specification sheets, images, videos, and more.
Content Management

Content Management

S2K eBusiness provides a Web Content Manager system that can be used to create, manage, and deliver content for your website.

You can create content using the web content authoring portlet, or create your own customized authoring interface. Web content stored in external content management systems can also be referenced within a Web Content Manager system. You can deliver your web content using Web Content Viewer portlets, the Web Content Manager servlet, or pre-render your site to HTML. The design and layout of your website are separated from the content displayed within the website. This allows web content authors to create the content for your site without having to understand how to build a website.
B2B or B2C Transaction Processing

B2B or B2C Transaction Processing

Convenience and simplicity influence all purchase decisions, whether selling to a customer or a corporate entity.

S2K eBusiness OnCloud provides a dynamic shopping experience that allows customers to quickly and easily find the products they are looking for, order from past history, create order guides, and upload their order from an excel spreadsheet. While shopping, customers will be encouraged to purchase a comparable higher-end product (up-sell) and buy related or complementary items (cross-sell). A simple secure check-out screen helps reduce abandoned carts and, allows the user to choose their desired shipping address, shipping option, and payment method. The market’s expectations have changed significantly, and the more you can consumerize the process for a buyer, the more obstacles you have ultimately torn down on the path to purchase.
Customer Self-Service

Customer Self-Service

Today’s high-tech consumers demand efficient customer service. S2K eBusiness customer self-service features provide a quick, seamless experience to give your customer all the information they are looking for from your website, reducing the load on your live customer support representatives.

S2K eBusiness allows you to create a dynamic website with ecommerce features such as:
  • Check Order Status and Track Shipments
  • Review Account Balance and Current Statements
  • Review Open Invoices and Retrieve Copies of Bills
  • Make Payments Online
  • Review Payment History
  • Process Returns and Print Return Labels
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