Warehouse Management

Food & Beverage

In today's competitive food and beverage landscape, managing your supply chain effectively is paramount. VAI's Food & Beverage Warehouse Management System (WMS) equips you with cutting-edge tools to optimize warehouse operations, increase inventory accuracy, and order fulfillment rates.

Key Features:


  • Automatically verify received items against purchase orders to ensure accuracy
  • Lot and date tracking facilitates traceability from farm to fork, critical for recalls if necessary
  • Automatic barcode generation for streamlined product verification.
  • Support for GTIN labels and more for food safety regulations
  • Full catch weight management by item, and easily identify and quarantine purchase orders that fall outside of the predefined tolerances
  • Optimized put-away processing based on pre-configured bin management.
  • Easily identify temperature-controlled items that require storage in specific areas of the warehouse

Picking and Shipping

  • Embedded order manager screen to view, release, and manage sales orders while considering product shelf life and expiry dates
  • Prioritize picking of items nearing expiration to minimize waste and ensure freshness upon delivery
  • Group selected orders based on customizable sort options including temperature requirements to optimize picking routes, maintain food quality, and expedite deliveries
  • Monitor picking progress and analyze performance by area, zone, and individual picker to identify areas for improvement
  • Ensure picked items match customer orders with verification functionality
  • Easily verify catch weight items to ensure it meets the expected order amount

Bin Replenishment and Warehouse Transfers

  • Support for automated or manual replenishment options
  • Generate automatic or manual inter-location and inter-company warehouse transfers, optimized based on usage, transfer lead times, and minimum inventory requirements at each location while maintaining food safety best practices

Cycle Counting and Physical Inventory

  • Maintain inventory accuracy with automatic cycle counting based on predefined item classes
  • Conduct comprehensive physical inventories to maintain inventory integrity and comply with food safety regulations

Truck/Pallet Building

  • Streamline the picking process by building pallets based on product type
  • Build trucks based on weight, route/stop, and designate temperature-controlled items for certain areas of the truck for enhanced truck loading processes

Voice-Activated Picking Talks the Talk, So Your Team Can Walk the Walk

Stocking Shelves and Maximizing Margins With Supply and Demand Planning Software
Where speed and accuracy are paramount, voice picking significantly enhances efficiency by slashing picking times and reducing errors. The automated system uses voice commands to direct workers, telling them what to pick and where to find it, and providing the most efficient routes to follow. It improves efficiency by reducing the need for manual data entry and physical handling of paper lists, allowing workers to move more freely and focus on the task at hand, which significantly speeds up the picking process and reduces errors.

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