Listed below are VAI's upcoming events. All events are in Eastern Time.

Business Resiliency Plan: Full Series

Join VAI for this 8 part webinar series where we will discuss the critical things every business needs to do that can mitigate the impacts of any disruption, and allow your business to continue to function in the new normal ahead.

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06 - 02 - 2020 02:00 PM
Reduce Costs and Improve Efficiencies with Warehouse Management

Having efficient warehouse processes are critical during a crisis. If an employee gets sick, whether it is a picker or a shift manager, it is important that the processes and workflows in place are easily transferable to other employees. Structured processes backed by WMS technology can eliminate human decision making, ensuring that required throughputs are met.

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06 - 04 - 2020 02:00 PM
Why Suggested Supply and Demand Planning is so critical to your Business

Many companies continue to rely on human intelligence for procurement. But when procurement personnel leave, get let go, or retire, their knowledge leaves with them. It can take new employees years to get to know suppliers, let alone the suppliers’ suppliers and your demand requirements. Automated purchasing systems are a key tool in helping businesses react to changes, reduce inventory and increase sales.

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06 - 09 - 2020 02:00 PM
Making Smart Business Decisions Using Analytics

In today’s highly competitive market it is imperative that you constantly evaluate the success of the activities in which your business engages in. S2K Analytics software provides your organization with both high-level monitoring that focuses on the overall performance of the enterprise, and low-level monitoring that focuses on departmental metrics.

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10 - 21 - 2020 07:30 AM
Northwell Health Foundation

Northwell Health's Southside Hospital is honoring VAI CEO Bob Vormittag at the 2020 Golf Classic, being held Wednesday, June 17, at Southward Ho Country Club in Bay Shore, NY. Proceeds from this event will benefit the ongoing and wide-ranging campus transformation at Southside Hospital, which in turn will work towards the betterment of healthcare and services throughout communities on Long Island. For more information, to register, or make a donation, visit Southside Hospital's website at:

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10 - 25 - 2020 09:00 AM

VAI will be demonstrating its award winning Food & Beverage ERP solution at booth 236 at the 2020 IFDA Distribution Solutions Conference in Tampa, Florida. This conference provides excellent resources and insights that will strengthen your operations people and performance at every level! And the fact is, there's a lot at stake in your operations. You have to stay up on technology and best practices to deliver spectacular customer service. You have a wide array of products to deliver and food safety is paramount. What’s more, people are a BIG factor in operational success, and you have to grow professionally right along with technology and practices. 

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