Baked Goods, Dry Goods, Flavoring & Spices

For baked/dry goods and flavoring/spice distributors and manufacturers, managing your supply chain efficiently is crucial for success. VAI's industry-specific ERP software removes the complexity from managing your supply chain. Our industry specific system enhances order fulfillment and loading processes, ensuring timely and accurate deliveries. The system also includes full MRP, ingredient/recipe management, lot tracking, broken case management, and more. This ensures you have the right ingredients on hand to meet demand, minimizing excess inventory and maximizing efficiency.

VAI’s Baked Goods, Dry Goods, and Flavoring/Spices Software Includes:
  • Broken case management with support for multiple units of measures
  • Extensive rebate, billbacks, and promotions tracking
  • Embedded WMS with full support for catch weight items
  • Full lot traceability and date tracking for food safety compliance

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