S2K Food ERP helps bakery supply distributors better manage the supply chain and save costs by helping businesses become more effective in moving and loading orders as well as ensuring properly fulfilled deliveries. On the manufacturing side, S2K Food ERP helps manufacturers comply with food safety regulations, and improve product quality with recipe control and full lot traceability. Advanced purchasing and MRP capabilities help decrease excess inventory and ensure the right materials are available for production.

Advanced Features for Bakery Include:
Baking Loaves in Industrial Oven

Full manufacturing suite with recipe management, lot traceability, shop floor control, production costing, and product quality.

Purchasing Bread

Advanced customer and vendor tracking, reporting and processing of all rebates, promotions and billbacks earned at the line item level.

Mobile Delivery

Integrated Mobile applications for Order Entry, Route Sales, and Proof of Delivery which include features for payment processing and route settlement.

Warehouse Pallets

Route Manager to manage routes and stops, inventory allocations, vehicle capacity limits, and automate pallet building to maximize efficiency.

Warehouse Scanner

Warehouse Management scanning to significantly improve warehouse operations, employee productivity, accuracy and customer satisfaction.

Customer Service Representative

Email Marketing and Sales Force CRM to empower your sales team to engage existing customers, drive new business and make the most of every sales call.

HillCrest Foods Inc
HillCrest Foods Inc

Hillcrest Foods has put their customers' needs and wants at the center of its operation.

Introducing S2K Enterprise Food
S2K Enterprise for Food

S2K Enterprise for Food, was specifically designed to meet the unique requirements of the food industry.

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