Distribution Management in a Warehouse for Hardgoods

Distribution Management

Food and Beverage

VAI's food and beverage distribution management software suite offers a comprehensive solution specifically designed to empower food companies to streamline operations, optimize inventory management, and deliver exceptional customer service.

Key Features:

Customer Orders

  • Order entry simplifies and expedites order processing. With real-time access to inventory, customer data, and purchasing information, you can quickly fulfill orders and answer customer inquiries regarding product availability, pricing, and more.
  • Embedded order guides to quickly add items from sales history, prior orders, and customer specific order guides
  • Access to complementary and supplementary items to ensure maximum customer order fulfillment rates and upsell opportunities

Inventory Management

  • Inventory management provides a centralized platform to manage all aspects of your items, including units of measurements, supplementary/complementary items, item location, and more
  • Automatic ranking of items to easily identify high moving and dead stock items
  • Embedded food safety features including lot and date tracking for recalls
  • Identify and track catch weight items and set tolerances for inbound and outbound items

Sales Analysis and Forecasting

  • Analyze sales volume, costs, and quantity usage to make informed decisions
  • Account for seasonality and manage inventory levels for peak-season items
  • Advanced sales forecasting algorithms predict future demand-based on historical sales data, empowering you to have the necessary stock to meet customer needs and avoid lost sales opportunities

Route Management

  • Leverage route management and planning tools that analyze vehicle capacity, route requirements, and more
  • Optimize routes based on fueling, traffic, and delivery requirements to reduce costs


  • Generate purchase orders based on forecasted demand and minimum reorder points to minimize the risk of stockouts for essential items
  • Manage vendors and target buying opportunities for additional discounts
  • Cost control and analysis of landed cost calculations for imported goods, factoring in transportation costs for perishable food items
  • Schedule receipt of goods for specific times and locations. Track lots, expiration dates, and more, to minimize purchasing waste.