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Advanced marketing automation software to help nurture prospects and customers with highly personalized, useful content with S2K Enterprise.
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Growing the value of your customer relationships while also converting new prospects can be a tough challenge. Email Marketing is the art and science of using email to both nurture leads and engage existing customers. S2K OnCloud Marketing is an Email Marketing tool oriented towards marketing automation. Based on the actions and behavior of your subscribers, you can add tags to their profile that will allow you to target specific contacts based on their buying behavior. With this powerful email marketing automation tool, marketers can segment their lists to drastically improve the effectiveness of their email campaigns. Designing beautiful email messages does not have to be tedious. With S2K OnCloud Marketing, users can leverage hundreds of templates and add as much customization as needed to style and brand an email campaign for your business. Drag and drop images, content blocks, and social icons, then rearrange them as you need. Advanced users can upload their own code by using the HTML import tool. With a high return on investment, Email Marketing is one of the most effective tools to generate sales and increase brand awareness.
Marketing Analytics
With S2K OnCloud Marketing, you get a complete analytical toolbox that helps you grade campaign performance. Stay up-to-date with accurate insights and statistics, and use this information to improve your overall engagement strategy. With this tool, you will be able to see how many recipients have opened your campaign, who they are, and which links have received the most clicks. You will see which email addresses have bounced, and why. Discover the exact geographical locations of recipients who open your campaigns, as well as the open dates and times. Optimize your campaigns with access to stats about which devices, operating systems, and web browsers your recipients are using to view your campaigns.
Marketing Automation
With S2K OnCloud Marketing, sending out well-timed emails is not a monumental task, thanks to access to dynamic automation features. With powerful marketing automation tools you can continue to engage your subscribers depending on how they have responded to your previous messages by sending a series of specific action-based emails. Whether you are thanking a customer for their business, informing them of a promotional offer, sending a birthday message, or reminding them about an important deadline—reach out to your subscribers at every opportunity for longer and more meaningful connections. Every interaction you have with them is a step towards a stronger relationship. Interacting with your audience regularly can build trust and brand recognition. With automated workflows, you can give your subscribers the information they want during each stage of the sales funnel. You can create a workflow that will automatically separate and send emails to your subscribers based on their response to your previous campaigns, scores, shopping cart activity, web page visits, and much more. Using automation, marketers can save time by setting up the email platform to send messages when customers take specific actions. With advanced marketing automation, you can nurture prospects and customers with highly personalized, useful content that helps convert prospects to customers and turn customers into delighted customers.
Lead Scoring
With S2K OnCloud Marketing, you can improve your lead qualification processes with automated lead scoring based on account behavior. Use our flexible scoring system to assess your prospect’s product fit and level of engagement as you follow up with them. Use scores to create segments, find marketing qualified leads, and tailor your follow-up. Add or subtract points when prospects click campaign links, visit specific URLs, perform custom events, subscribe or unsubscribe from lists, and more. When a lead surpasses a certain score, you can trigger a workflow to set off a series of actions including notifying the sales representative in S2K OnCloud Sales Force. With S2K OnCloud marketing automation plaform, you can create a stellar experience for each contact at every stage of the customer lifecycle. This powerful tool helps your contacts quickly progress from interested leads to satisfied customers, and then ultimately, to outspoken advocates with personalized, intelligence-driven experiences.
CRM Integration
The contact database in S2K OnCloud Marketing and S2K OnCloud Sales Force CRM are always in sync, so marketing can pass leads to sales and sales can pass customer information to marketing, without any manual entry. Sales representatives get instant insight into the content a lead or customer has consumed, what links they have clicked on, and what web pages they have visited. You can automate lead scoring so that sales representatives are only notified when a lead becomes hot. Say goodbye to scattered solutions, and unite all of your teams around a single process that will ensure that you never miss a chance to follow-up on a potential opportunity. With S2K OnCloud Marketing, you will eliminate wasted time and effort so you can easily increase traffic, convert more leads, win more customers, and turn them into promoters that grow your business.
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