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Streamline and Automate Your Food ERP Distribution and Manufacturing Processes.

The food industry is unique in many ways; inventory management and tracking is critical to comply with food safety regulations, and all business processes must be performed under tight time constraints. Lot and Date Tracking, Broken Case Unit Conversions, Catch Weight Pricing, Truck Routing, Flexible Contract Pricing, and Rebates, Promotions, and Billbacks are just some of the requirements that make the food and beverage industry unique. VAI’s ERP software for Food was specifically designed to meet the requirements of the food industry and to help businesses in this fast-paced environment compete by automating and integrating business processes across the entire organization and helping companies comply with food safety regulations.
Wholesale Food Distribution Manage routes, warehouse picking, and truck deliveries in one integrated solution to maximize efficiency and performance.
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Food Manufacturing Understand your true cost of production and better manage your supply chain to improve work flow and reduce costs.
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Specialty Food Retail Improve cash-n-carry and retail operations by utilizing integrated point-of-sale, mobile and ebusiness applications.
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S2K Enterprise for Food benefits Food Manufacturing and Distribution Companies in the following industries:
S2K Food Features include:
Backhaul Processing • Lot and Date Tracking • Route Management • Catch Weight Processing • Broken Case Processing • Financial Management
Customer Orders

Mobile Solutions

S2K Mobile solutions are actual applications that are downloaded and installed on your mobile device, rather than being rendered within a browser.

S2K Mobile Route Sales application automates the entire process of route sales including; truck loading, sales order processing, delivery confirmation, payment processing, inventory management and truck settlement.
Supply & Demand Planning

Supply & Demand Planning

Automated purchasing systems are a key tool in helping businesses reduce inventory and increase sales. They are imperative in helping maintain customer service levels and retaining your customers.

These solutions can optimally push order quantities up to get prepaid freight, to hit vendor minimums, or to cube out a full container - all while honoring pack sizes.
Warehouse Route and Management

Warehouse Route and Management

For companies with their own truck fleet, getting vehicles loaded and on their way can be a very complicated task. Managing routes and stops, inventory allocations, vehicle capacity limits, stacking restrictions, and more must be performed under tight time constraints.

S2K Route Manager application helps managers organize routes and ensures that warehouse pickers have the right information, minimizing breakage and maximizing efficiency.

As orders are released to the warehouse, they are cued up in the route manager screen. The route manager screen displays the quantity, weight, and cube for each route with subtotals for dry, refrigerated, and frozen goods. From this screen, the user can change the trailer for more capacity, manage stops, allocate inventory, view shorts, allow item substitutions, and much more. S2K Route Manager also provides a standard interface to Roadnet® for automated truck routing. Once orders are allocated and routed, S2K creates units-of-work (UOW) in reverse stop order to assist pickers in loading each truck.
Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

In today’s highly competitive market it is imperative that you constantly evaluate your business activities.

Modern ERP systems are generating massive amounts of data making it critical for companies to leverage business intelligence tools that help them easily identify anomalies which can turn into significant business issues, and identify trends that lead to business opportunities.
Sales and Marketing

Rebates and Allowances

The S2K Customer and Vendor Rebate and Allowances Tracking application maintains a real-time database to ensure the timely tracking of both customer and vendor rebates and allowances based upon sales or purchase history.

S2K Rebate and Allowance Tracking offers general ledger entires for accrued customer and vendor rebates.
eBusiness Solutions

eBusiness Solutions

eBusiness provides a dynamic shopping experience that allows customers to quickly and easily find the products they are looking for.

Integrated customer self-service features give customers all the information they are looking for from your website.
Sales and Marketing

Sales and Marketing

Advanced email marketing tools can help your business nurture leads and engage existing customers.

Powerful automation tools can continue to engage your subscribers based on how they have responded to your previous messages, by sending action-based emails. With advanced marketing automation, you can nurture prospects and customers using highly personalized, useful content.
Industry Leading Companies Using S2K Food
Inter-County Baker Supply
Hillcrest Foods, Inc
Seacore Seafood
Black River
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