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VAI's completely integrated S2K Enterprise for Eyewear distributors is ERP software that includes modules focusing on all of your company’s processes. With increased competition, retail consolidation challenges, and the reliance on overseas manufacturing, eyewear distributors face challenges unlike other industries. S2K Enterprise for Eyewear is ERP software designed by professionals who understand the specifications of this niche industry. This comprehensive industry software suite will enhance and improve all aspects of your highly specific business.

VAI’s eyewear ERP software gives your business the technically advanced platform it needs to stay ahead of your domestic and international competition. You’ll enjoy more streamlined processes, increased productivity, enhanced supplier relationships, and significantly improved customer service.

Eyewear Industry Software Solutions
Minimize costs and maximize profitability with help from VAI’s comprehensive eyewear ERP software solution. S2K’s suite of eyewear industry software applications include:

  • Buying Groups Integration
  • RX and Customer Reserved Inventory Tracking
  • Clean, Repair and Bag Return Processing
  • Dynamic Commissions and Sales Goals
  • Mandatory Complimentary Items
  • Consignment Inventory
  • Import Tracking
  • Sample Bag Tracking
  • Flexible Promotional Pricing with BOGO's
  • Enhanced Pick and Pack Processing

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