VAI S2K e-Commerce is much more than a new, online sales channel. It's about using technology to streamline your business model, creating savings, and increasing efficiency. It is an easily installed, affordable, complete solution designed to help growing mid-market companies conduct business on the Web.

At the core of this web-based application is a real-time "shopping cart" and an online product catalog that will reduce both lag time and paperwork for order processing. S2K Commerce Express enables you to set up an online catalog to display product specifications, extended descriptions, thumbnail and full-sized images, pricing, and availability. Dynamic searching features allow users to locate products by category, part number, and description. Web-based promotions and dynamic pricing can help improve product marketing and increase sales of slow-moving inventory. With S2K Commerce Express, existing customers can utilize past order histories to build new orders or use "quick entry" to expedite large orders. They can receive order confirmations and view online customer service screens for real-time order status information.

Product Overview

S2K Commerce Express gives clients more control over their payment methods by providing the option for customer account billing and/or credit card authorization. This flexible solution allows users to customize the business logic and presentation according to their specific requirements. At checkout, customer and credit card information is automatically and transparently routed to the enterprise system for processing and sent to the credit card company for authentication and approval.

S2K Commerce Express Features

  • Support both Business-to-Business and Business-to-Consumer needs
  • A complete and affordable solution with all-in-one licensing that gives you everything you need for production, staging, and site development at a single price
  • Quickly and easily installed, with complete integration to S2K Enterprise master files, and the ability to import your current files into S2K Commerce Express
  • Ready to go with the capabilities you need to get started out-of-the-box and advanced features that you can leverage as you grow
  • Easy to administer with highly-usable tools that let mid-market customers manage their site effectively without special technical skills