VAI's Integrated S2K Enterprise for Eyewear Solution Streamlines Inventory Management for Faster Deliveries and Enhanced Stock Control

November 25, 2019

Ronkonkoma, N.Y. – November 25, 2019 - VAI, a leading ERP software developer, announced the launch of VAI S2K Eyewear, an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution for eyewear distributors and manufacturers, designed to offer the ability to accurately track stock inventory, reserved inventory, and customer and sales representative inventory in one, centrally-managed database. VAI S2K Eyewear customers can now utilize the software to more effectively fulfill customer demand. This solution is available as a cloud deployment as well as an on-premise deployment.

With increased competition, retail consolidation issues, and the reliance on overseas manufacturing, eyewear distributors face challenges unlike other industries. The processes behind manufacturing, stocking, and selling items such as frames and cases, require an ERP system that will help keep track of necessary information every step of the way. With VAI S2K Eyewear, the optical industry has a technically advanced platform to stay ahead of domestic and international competition while simultaneously minimizing costs and maximizing profitability.

With its flexible purchasing and sales order integrations, VAI S2K Eyewear offers industry-specific, options to ensure eyewear distributors are able to handle purchases, sales, and returns more efficiently. The software solution helps push items through a smooth return process including product inspection, cleaning, and repairs while tracking the proper information for each order. Industry-specific features within VAI’s software enables invoice masking across the system, helping to streamline communication between customer and buyer.

A VAI S2K Eyewear customer with over 60 years in business manufacturing high-quality, high-comfort, state-of-the-art eyewear, requires an eyewear solution that focuses careful attention to detail, making effective order management, processing, and distribution a critical component to stay ahead of its competition. The internationally renowned company uses VAI S2K’s real-time inventory tracking to help maximize its customer service and satisfaction.

In the eyewear industry, products are often spread across multiple locations, which can make tracking a crucial factor during the distribution process. Sales team members will bring sample bags to customers for use - leaving the distributor responsible for product tracking and inventory management. Similarly, eyewear distributors must keep a record of certain items such as prescription lenses to ensure the proper amount is in stock at all times. Monitoring specification levels are a crucial part of keeping eyewear distribution on track. VAI’s S2K Eyewear can implement the proper tracking capabilities and gives employees the insight needed for increased customer service.

Eyewear distributors often include multiple parties in sales plans, such as buying groups. Large numbers of orders are fed to eyewear distributors from buying groups, which can create challenges with the order fulfillment process. By utilizing VAI S2K Eyewear, eyewear distributors can now simplify this process with the ability to handle interactions and integrations between multiple parties as well as track key performance metrics, a key step in buying group collaboration. Invoices, statements, and other information, can be sent directly to the customer through VAI’s S2K ERP suite, helping to ensure each order taking place across buying groups is accounted for.

As a centralized, cloud-based system, VAI S2K Eyewear can collect all necessary data to keep operations on schedule. Similarly, the system offers mobile and web app functionality, to allow customers and sales representatives to utilize the software in the field.

“With VAI’s S2K Eyewear enterprise system, the eyewear industry now has a solution specifically designed to improve the customer experience and streamline the entire distribution process,” said Bob Vormittag Jr., project director at VAI. “We remain committed to addressing industry-specific requirements such as with our Eyewear ERP solution in order to give our customers the necessary tools required to stay competitive, and allow for future growth and scalability in very challenges markets.”

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