Food ERP
Four Reasons Why Food Manufacturers Should Consider the Cloud For Their ERP System
Today’s technology landscape changes by the day and keeping up with this pace is challenging for businesses. Only 18 percent of manufacturers have adopted the cloud and within the next two years the level of adoption is expected to balloon to 70 percent (Manufacturing ISV Cloud Summit 2016). The adoption of cloud-based software is growing in all industries, but for food manufacturers specifically, the benefits are clear—cost savings and improved infrastructure management. More and more food manufacturers today are shifting their core ERP systems to the cloud. This increased adoption clearly indicates that the cloud has moved into the mainstream.
Customer Relationship Management
Are you using your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) technology to its full potential?
March 15, 2017 ERP Joe Scioscia
Customer Relationship Management (CRM) refers to the practice and strategies that companies take to manage and analyze customer interactions, while improving relationships through a customer’s lifecycle. Business leaders are more likely to have integrated their Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions with Customer Relationship Management (CRM). This tactic is intended to provide support to customer interactions and ultimately increase revenue. Unfortunately, some businesses fail to use CRM technology to its full potential, which can ultimately hamper customer service, reduce sales, and affect customer relationships
Can ERP Cloud offer numerous business benefits for your organizations?
February 16, 2017 ERP Kevin Beasley
The Cloud has been a major conversational component among many businesses over the past several years. It is no longer a question that the cloud trend will continue however but rather, how quickly the cloud adoption rate will advance for mid-size businesses running the core business on an ERP solution.
Warehouse Tablet
Advanced, Automated Technology Solutions Deliver Greener Warehouse Operations
January 4, 2017 ERP Joe Scioscia
Smart, efficient, accurate and green – these are the attributes of the modern warehouse. Best-in-class manufacturers and distributors understand that today’s economic climate requires the ability to respond to market conditions quickly and effectively. In addition, as public scrutiny continues to put pressure on companies to become better environmental stewards, technology serves the dual purpose of helping firms to save money and to reduce their environmental impact.
Technology | Innovation | Progression of the Light Bulb
Outdated ERP? 3 Signs That Tell You It’s Time To Upgrade
October 11, 2016 ERP Joe Scioscia
Your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution is the backbone of your business. An ERP solution provides visibility to decision-makers, and encourages efficiency and collaboration. Organizations that do not upgrade their ERP may miss out on new technology that could significantly improve their business because the system they have in place today may not be meeting their needs, or may not be able to support the growth and innovation that is key to the organization’s future success. An outdated ERP solution can thwart a company’s success, and ultimately lead to organizational failure.
New Orleans
Count down to NOLA!
Watch out New Orleans! In just a few days, VAI will bring its high-hitting, advanced technology your way. Before we can descend upon the “Big Easy” with an awe-inspiring User Conference, we’ve decided to learn a little more about this iconic city, known for its sultry jazz, festive Mardi Gras and mouth-watering cuisine.