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3 Ways to Avoid ERP Implementation Horrors
October 29, 2015 ERP Bob Vormittag Jr.
Fall, a time for pumpkin picking, apple cider, hayrides, roasted corn and a fan favorite amongst the kids…Halloween. As adults, the spooky aspects of this frightful time of year don’t seem to faze us. No matter how many ghouls and monsters we see roaming that misty 31st night we simply do not get scared.
From The Mouse To The Hands
October 20, 2015 ERP Debajyoti Das
Social mobility gives us the freedom to move amongst other social strata’s in society. To Millennials, it is life in the norm, to the older generations, it can often be confusing and a bit complicated but to the technologically savvy, it represents the present and the future. How many times a day – or an hour – do we use our phones to send a text, use a search engine tool, check our social media status or just take a selfie? The world of mobility is here and it is booming! Just like learning to walk, or eat with a fork, we must all learn to adapt to the ever changing waves of technology, and Mobile technology is at the forefront of innovation.