VAI (Vormittag Associates, Inc)

VAI (Vormittag Associates, Inc)

VAI is a leading independent ERP software developer renowned for its flexible solutions and ability to automate critical business functions for the distribution, manufacturing, specialty retail and service sectors. An IBM Gold Business Partner, VAI is the 2012 IBM Beacon Award Winner for Outstanding Solutions for Midsize Businesses. VAI continues to innovate with new solutions that leverage analytics, business intelligence, mobility and cloud technology to help customers make more informed business decisions in real-time and empower their mobile workforces. VAI is headquartered in Ronkonkoma, NY with branch offices in Florida, Illinois and California.
New Website Launch
Explore your Technology Future on the New VAI Website

We are excited to present our newly redesigned website where every word, image, and page was created with you in mind. We’ve got eye-catching imagery and beautiful banners that tell the story of who we are and what we’re about. Our team embarked on a journey of creativity, innovation, and lots of hard work, and we believe that our efforts have truly paid off!

VAI Returns to Onsite Conference Venue for Customers, In Person and Ready to SOAR!
VAI Returns to Onsite Conference Venue for Customers, In Person and Ready to SOAR!

We’re just days away from VAI Prevail 2023, our first onsite event since Nashville, TN in 2018. After several years of successful virtual connection, the VAI team, customers, and partners are ready for in-person and face-to-face networking and collaboration. This year, we’re heading to the Walt Disney Swan Resort in Lake Buena Vista, FL, and we have an incredible itinerary over two days.

Key Infrastructure Success Factors for Food and Beverage Manufacturers
Managing FSMA compliance requirements, while ensuring quality and improving performance, are critical priorities for all Food and Beverage (F&B) manufacturers. Ensuring FSMA compliance without sacrificing performance or product quality requires: Standardized processes across the enterprise for consistency and control Visibility into quality data at every operation and traceability from suppliers to the end customer. A central repository of relevant compliance laws and regulations to stay current with changes in requirements, making sure it is accessible to employees, regulators and partners.
Best-in-Class ERP for Pharmaceutical Manufacturers
The Pharmaceutical Industry continues to evolve in terms of regulatory, reporting, and overall drug management requirements. One of the latest changes that will go into effect in November 2018 comes from the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA), requiring packagers to verify products in certain circumstances at the package level, including the standardized numerical identifier. These changes require pharmaceutical manufacturers to respond and adapt quickly to remain compliant while continuing to improve their products, drive down their costs, and provide top notch customer service. These demands require an ERP solution that is capable of keeping pace with the latest technology and providing continuous support. The ERP solution footprint for Best-in-Class companies is on track to meet the challenges of compliance and reporting, while continuing to improve operations in all areas. The following capabilities identify key functionality advantages that Best-in-Class companies have compared to their competition that address major pharma manufacturing requirements.