Gina Parry

Gina Parry

National Account Manager
Why Design and Development Should Be Done with Mobile in Mind

The next time you're at a sporting event, a retail mall, or the airport, count how many cell phones are in use as evidence that design and development should be a mobile-first approach. Some of the people you'll encounter won't ever put their smartphones down, wholly engaged with making in-app purchases, checking their social network accounts, reading the news, and, of course, interacting. Additionally, the mobile device trend extends beyond consumer use to enterprise functionality, providing employees with continual access to the apps and data they need.

2023 ERP Predictions and Technology Trends
2023 ERP Predictions and Technology Trends
November 17, 2022 ERP Software/Technology

As 2022 unfolded, we experienced ongoing supply chain challenges, the continued shift from remote to hybrid work for many businesses, persistent cybersecurity attacks, labor, and inventory shortages, and more. The year saw even more companies shore up security defenses and move their enterprise data to the cloud. As we look ahead to 2023, what can business leaders expect? The following are a few predictions for companies across all industries and offer insights into the future ERP marketplace.

Cutting Costs Through Automation
Cutting Costs Through Automation
December 9, 2021 Software/Technology

In the era of supply chain disruptions, worker shortages, rising inflation, and ongoing global pandemic uncertainties, cutting costs through automation has never been more imperative for business operations. Looking ahead to 2022, automation can make the difference between growth and loss, and if you’re looking to stay in the growth category, knowing how to leverage automation is key. If you have not already done so, you might want to consider these options for your business strategy in the new year.

Retail Transformation
The Acceleration of Mobile and eCommerce Adaption in the Age of Retail Transformation
June 25, 2021 ERP Software/Technology

Online and mobile shopping are likely the primary purchase channels for many brands today. In a recent article in Industry Week, I shared thoughts on why (despite supply chain shortage challenges for certain products over the past year) the focus on e-commerce strategies was strong throughout 2020, is expected to increase through the remainder of 2021, and continue to shift the purchasing landscape moving forward. Economic uncertainties resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, especially throughout the supply chain, has made supply and demand tracking a difficult task, and in some cases has impacted shipping and delivery times.

Automating the Warehouse
Best Practices on the Road to Automating the Warehouse

Automation represents the future of warehouse operations. With these best practices in your automation planning, you can achieve operational gains that directly impact your organization’s bottom-line and allow you to forge stronger connections with partners on both sides of the supply chain.

To gauge whether a deployment is successful, establish KPIs to measure how the business, the customer, and downstream suppliers are affected. Ideally, the KPIs you identify should quantify outcomes and demonstrate that none of the three stakeholders (business, customer, and downstream suppliers) experiences a negative impact.

Technology is Key to Meeting DSCSA Deadlines
Technology is Key to Meeting DSCSA Deadlines
August 6, 2019 Software/Technology

With the support of technology such as ERP, all processes are optimized and serialization is taken care of, allowing for a faster order-to-cash cycle and overall better business performance. Digitally transforming your pharmaceutical supply chain will ultimately set your business up for success because it will be prepared for any changes or additional regulations that may come in the future.