3 Business Trends Transforming the Workplace

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March 11, 2019 ERP Joe O'Hea

Metamorphosis happens when a caterpillar turns into a beautiful butterfly and a legless tadpole becomes a hopping frog. Just like our friends in nature, technology continuously transforms as well. The evolution of technology in the workplace is a constant force that is changing how consumers think and act every day. In order for a business to remain competitive, a company must embrace the technology trends that fit their organizational needs and industry. Incorporating technology into your workplace can increase productivity and overall profitability. If you’re looking to turn your business into a beautiful butterfly or a hopping frog, then hang on tight because we have some helpful transformation trends for you.

1. Keep your head in the Clouds. Cloud computing Technology adoption advances more each year, and companies that understand current cloud trends can use the technology to make more informed decisions and become better prepared for the future, leading to a significant advantage over their competitors. Do not underestimate the benefits of being in the Cloud, because it may one day make, or break your business. Cloud computing has changed the interaction between customers and business outcomes because it has changed the way information is stored. It has also helped business practices evolve into a more simplified process allowing internal information to become centralized and easily accessible to all employees; which in the long run invites collaboration among departments who can now easily share ideas.

2. Enhance the User Experience. The best user interfaces are the ones that provide the user with simple and easy to understand tools.  A poor user experience can result in a low conversion rate. Investment in improving the user experience ultimately determines your bounce and exit rate; and the proper attention can also lead to an increase in your websites conversion rates. More and more companies are learning that in order to stay competitive against rivals, they must invest in their user experiences. It simply comes down to this; a user who has a great experience with your product is much more likely to return and/or recommend you to others; while then becoming a loyal customer to your brand.

3. Become One with Social CRM. Social Relationship Management (Social CRM), is the engagement between a customer and a business by the means of communication with customers through your social networking sites (business2community Link). Social CRM can further modernize how we interact with our consumers while providing an inside look on details regarding consumer demographics, like/dislikes, and buying preferences and behaviors. With the constant connection to the internet, it can be a challenge for many businesses to meet the expectations of todays' digitally invested consumer. A business that has invested in social media has the competitive advantage as well as the opportunity to explore a new relationship with its customers.

Most of us transform our favorite coffee grinds into a heavenly energy booster every morning; that is because we all transform objects every day without even giving them a second thought. Now is the time to start transforming your business in ways that can ultimately benefit productivity and overall profitability. We challenged our customers to tell us how VAI Transformed their businesses and the responses were overwhelmingly positive. Be sure to follow our hashtag on social media for more information on how VAI is positively transforming businesses. #TransformwithVAI 

Joe O'Hea

Sales & Account Manager