Morton Wholesale Satisfies a Craving for Productivity with VAI Mobile Capabilities

Following the company's adoption of VAI S2K Enterprise for Food software with mobile proof-of-delivery (POD) and order entry capabilities, Morton Wholesale, an independent distributor of food and beverage products, shared testimonials highlighting the results.

The business distributes goods to 1,000 consumers each year and has a line of more than 7,000 domestic and foreign products. The company required an ERP software provider who could not only meet its immediate growth requirements but also assist it in continuing its present growth trajectory by leveraging applications like S2K Mobile POD and Order Entry, which streamlines processes and allows Morton teams to become more efficient.

After a lengthy search for an ERP partner with a cutting-edge food solution, Morton Wholesale chose VAI S2K Food to provide its company with a competitive edge. The software's special food industry capabilities and capacity to assist food distributors in adhering to food safety regulations were essential for the food distributor's ability to properly run the business.

"Dynamics have changed since we’ve implemented VAI S2K,” said Joel Fillion, Distribution Center Manager at Morton Wholesale. “We’re more efficient and organized with VAI’s S2K Food solution. We now have traceability over an item from the time it hits our door until the time we sell to and deliver to the customer.”

The fast-paced food industry can be difficult to keep up with and businesses are able to leverage S2K applications to boost productivity and profitability. Processing large amounts of data in real time keeps the entire business running and allows for the most efficient version of compliance.

 “When our drivers go to a customer, we scan each piece off the truck,” Joel Fillion continued. “The nice thing about VAI Mobile POD is if it can’t be scanned because there’s no barcodes you can manually override with a touch button. If a product is returned upon delivery, POD automatically generates a return authorization, so now there’s no miscommunication between the driver and customer service people. It has streamlined our process and helped us out quite a bit.”  

The company also uses S2K Mobile Order Entry which enables Morton to track products throughout the purchasing lifecycle, maintain inventory accuracy, and assist representatives in tracking sales so that they can make decisions about future orders.

According to Robert Shepley, Sales & Regional Manager at Morton Wholesale, the company can see history all the way from the first time a customer purchased, along with price, with a simple click of a button.  Robert stated, “You can also adjust the margin on the spot, and reps. can see where the commission base is growing or declining, depending on where the margin is set. S2K Order Entry is the perfect tool to assist our reps in knowing what they’re doing, and if there are any goals that need to be hit, it’s all in that one screen so they can adjust accordingly.”

VAI Mobile comes in handy when you can walk around a restaurant and inventory products in the freezer or cooler with your mobile device, and key in the order live while you’re looking at the inventory. It reduces the risk of missing a certain item. It’s bulletproofed to make sure that the order is accurate.

“This last year we’ve seen the most growth, ever, within the company,” said Robert Shepley. “We’re looking to continue to grow. Having a good platform like VAI S2K Enterprise for Food with mobile capabilities on our side is really helping us and our reps. navigate through the system, provide better service to the customer, simpler order entry, and it is easier to get accurate information when needed. Everything is working out.”

Maggie Kelleher

Director of Business Development