Mobile Match Made In Heaven

Valentines Mobile
February 14, 2019 ERP Retail Debajyoti Das

As Valentine’s Day and the season of love quickly approaches, stores are eagerly stocking their post-holiday shelves with chocolate hearts and Hallmark cards, while consumers scout out the perfect forget-me-not gifts for their loved ones. This year, it is projected that 80% of shoppers will use a mobile device to search for product reviews, compare prices, and purchase their special someone that picture-perfect gift.

With the consumer love affair with all things mobile increasing and expanding, mobile device usage will continue to be a key factor for a successful consumer-spending year. For both online and in-store retailers wondering whether or not it is a good idea to expand their mobile strategy, here are a few tips to consider when courting today’s mobile-savvy shopper:

1. Give Your Website a Complete Mobile-Friendly Makeover. When it comes to your website, try getting creative with your pages. Small details will draw in consumers and help keep them engaged. When your customers visit your website or in-store with a smartphone, you’ll want to ensure that their experience is the best it can possibly be. Visitors who access your site and/or make purchases from their mobile phones should have an experience tailored to their devices. For example, did you know that 57% of consumers will abandon a site that fails to load after 3 seconds? With the rise of mobile shopping, this could truly make or break the success of your e-commerce site.  

2. Don’t Forget Your Wallet. With the right approach, a brand can attract and retain loyal customers based on more than rewards alone. According to Retail Dive, Why retailers should stop waiting for a universal mobile wallet, 53% of transactions at retail point of sale's will move towards contactless transactions within the next five years and experts predict that mobile wallets are going to be the main aide factor; which will cut down wait times and increase payment security. Retailers can benefit from these "mobile wallets" by having their loyalty cards more accessible to their consumers. In addition to payments mobile wallets can also offer tailored coupons to fit every consumer’s needs.

3. Have a Great Date Night Plan or Anticipate a Plan B. An Omni-channel retailer refers to those who have both a physical and digital presence. If the retailer is prepared with Omni channel capabilities, the customer has the ability to locate out of stock items, whether they be sold online or at a different store location. Consumers anticipate their shopping experience to be seamless and consistent across all channels and devices. Regardless of the type of capability you decide to tackle at first, it is important to remember that a true Omni channel experience needs to be designed around your customers. First discover what’s most important to them by making a solution that compels customers to stay engaged and spend more. Then, make a sturdy long-term plan such as scan-and-go technology applications or video calls as a means of customer service.

With 91% percent of adults keeping their smartphones within an arm’s reach, it is not uncommon for a consumer’s mobile device to be part of their shopping experience. Often, buyers will use a mobile device to help look up product reviews and compare prices. Although there are many other channels that retailers need to think about, mobility is a growing and expanding technology that deserves a significant consideration in your company’s overall business strategy.

Debajyoti Das

Chief Architect, Mobile Development