Does your work day matter?

Candy Shoppe

If someone told you that your work day matters, would you believe them? To some work is another daily routine; Wake up, drink coffee, check emails, drink coffee, afternoon meeting, more coffee and then everyone’s favorite past time… lunch. If you think of your day as just another long routine we at VAI believe #yourworkdaymatters not only to you but to others around you.

Creating powerful software starts with passion that extends behind your work day and our VAI team remains committed to on-going research and development. Our industry experience and product knowledge has enabled us to provide our customers with a fully integrated solution. Making innovative software does more than streamline the way you work; it helps you focus on the real task ahead because from when you start your day to when you finish we are all leaders, creators and heroes.

Work connects us all. Take a look around you, your shirt, your shoes, your favorite pen, that morning coffee you had to stop for or even your computer software. It’s the people behind the objects that we all tend to forget, but without them our work cycle breaks. For some, work is an escape from their reality or it can bring out a different side to them they never knew they had.

Still asking yourself; what’s the point of work? Why does my work matter? By focusing on the fact that workers drive the work force, it’s easy to see why everyone’s workday matters. Without the workers, nothing happens. Your coffee doesn’t brew itself, your retail store won’t open for business and that game on your phone you are addicted to would have never been designed… Workers are the ones who make everything happen!

VAI invites you to join in on the conversation.  We encourage you to share and be creative. Tell us how your work day matters by engaging with us on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter, using the hashtag #yourworkdaymatters. We look forward to hearing from you.

Lisa Vormittag

Chief Financial Officer