3 Tips For Running a Successful Privately Held Business

Successful Business
November 19, 2015 Business Bob Vormittag

As the Thanksgiving Holiday approaches, I would like to give special thanks to the core of VAI’s business operation…… both family members and our extended family, our VAI employees. Immediate family members have important roles in the organization and are ultimately responsible for maintaining the highest level of customer satisfaction and providing leading edge products and services. Equally important are our employees, many whom have been with VAI for 20 to 30 years. They are also part of the VAI family, based on our years and time spent  together, our mutual goals and objectives, and shared recognition that to be successful, we need to work together as a cohesive team. We take pride in running a business centered on core values that deliver exceptional customer service and expertise to our worldwide customer base. I consider myself very fortunate to be able to work with such a talented and motivated team, as it has given VAI the opportunity to grow over the years by offering the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Here are three tips for running a successful family business:

  1. Don’t lose focus on the business

Prioritizing the business is job one. As a family unit, always prioritizing VAI has been one of the biggest keys to our success. As challenging as this may be at times when there are personal scheduling conflicts or other obligations, it is important for your  family to give the business the highest priority over everything else. Like any business, challenges arise every day. As a software and services provider, we must continually focus in a variety of areas. For example, our customers depend on our team to help them maintain their day to day business activities, deliver a technology roadmap that will help them grow their business and improve efficiencies, and help them stay relevant in a very competitive marketplace.

  1. All employees are part of the VAI family

All  VAI employees are part of our extended family, which has helped create an atmosphere filled with high morale, career oriented tenure, and exceptional team spirit. Within this culture, we are lucky to have a staff committed to extensive product development and to helping our customers reach their highest potential. By investing in our employees via training, creating career opportunities, and maintaining high employee morale, you will increase the overall success of your company as well as your customers, laying out a solid foundation of trustworthiness and cooperation that will benefit your entire organization.

  1. Keep your competitive edge – Communicate

Here at VAI, we recognize the importance of innovating new solutions and incorporating emerging technologies that leverage our product line such as business intelligence, mobility and cloud solutions. These advanced capabilities help our customers make more informed business decisions, empower their workforce and improve the bottom line. This would not be possible without a strong commitment to communication among our employees, across all departments and within the family unit. For example, we believe communication is central to maintaining our competitive edge; whether it’s brainstorming about new marketing ideas, collaborating about new product features, or planning our next User Conference. The flow of ideas and the answers to our challenges will be found based upon this collaborative effort.

The special relationship we share with both our family and the VAI team has created an atmosphere of high respect for the workplace, career oriented tenure and an exceptional morale and spirit. As a result, we maintain a continual commitment to excellence for our customers.

Bob Vormittag

Chief Executive Officer