Truck Routing

The route management software module included with S2K Enterprise for Food permits users to view the complete route or an individual order status, verify order shipment, allow item substitutions for out-of-stock orders, and print pick tickets by order or bulk. In addition, item labels, route invoices, statements by scheduled date, and driver manifests are also available.

Load Management System

S2K’s load management system provides the inquiry of order statistics of a route based on weight and cubic measure. It allows for the creation of “What If” scenarios to determine the most efficient delivery options and dynamically change stops or merge routes. Customer and ship-to records maintain routes by day of the week and distinguish “A” and “B” weeks. You can display orders, view backhaul totals, and create load sheets by these route designations.

S2K Enterprise for Food is a powerful, fully integrated load and route management software system that can dramatically improve the way you do business.

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Feature Highlights

  • Multiple pricing and costing units of measure
  • Broken case processing
  • Catch weight and set weight pricing
  • Standard bids and automatic bid price updating
  • Weekly usage and sales tracking
  • Route management
  • UPS Roadnet integration
  • Internal and customer-created order guides
  • Web-based customer self service
  • Customer rebates
  • User-defined market cost, salesman cost, and other cost
  • Vendor allowance and bill backs
  • Dynamic bid pricing
  • Backhaul purchase orders
  • Customer price books
  • Multiple price bids per customer
  • Truck load management
  • Call list by route or sales rep
  • Cash receipts by consolidated statement
  • Dual A/R aging schedules
  • Calculated fuel surcharge
  • Calculated broken case surcharge
  • Lot tracking with FDA holds for lots
  • Short inventory market pickups (shorts)
  • Mobile SFA / route accounting
  • Shelf life dating