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S2K Enterprise General Ledger Software
The general ledger is an important tool for keeping your accounts organized and providing proof of your expenditures. It can be used to correct errors in accounts, observe company activity, and can help you make wise financial decisions to better guarantee your company’s future.

VAI's S2K General Ledger accounting software is the center of our accounting system software. It provides powerful divisional and departmental accounting functions, maintains your journal, logs recurring entries, generates audit trails, and allows you to create custom financial statements. S2K General Ledger software allows you to define the structure of your accounts and sub-accounts, and combines data from multiple entities and different currencies for consolidated reporting and analysis.

S2K General Ledger software also provides a bank reconciliation option that allows you to reconcile bank statements and general ledger accounts. You can track an unlimited number of bank accounts, void checks before they are sent or after they are posted, and review total debits posted to general ledger for each period.
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