Business Intelligence

S2K Analytics is a comprehensive Business Intelligence (BI) tool that can help you improve service levels, gain visibility into revenue and profitability performance, control costs and better manage extended and complex supply chains. This powerful tool connects your staff with enterprise information in a way that is easy-to-use so they can make better decisions. With S2K Analytics you can:

  • Set targets, see results and understand what drives the numbers
  • Identify trends that may be benefits or threats
  • Take action with a common context for decision-making across every department
  • Identify and analyze opportunities and trends

S2K Analytics pre-configured dashboards help you gain immediate visibility into sales, monitor revenue and make sure targets are hit. S2K Analytics helps you see the big picture and monitor the performance at a company or location level. Detailed dashboards let you analyze volumes and profitability by sales rep, customer, or product. S2K Analytics enables you to analyze data at the most granular level of detail required, providing unparalleled insight into the actual events and dependencies informing your business performance.

VAI provides value-driven software solutions designed to help you meet your most challenging large business objectives. Discover how VAI's S2K Enterprise can manage all of your business intelligence needs. Browse through our industry-specific products, fill out a contact form for a FREE demo package, or call us today at 1.800.824.7776. We look forward to helping you reach your business goals and long-term growth strategy.