VAI's eCommerce empowers your customers with a personalized and mobile-friendly online experience with a highly configurable website. This interactive portal provides easy access to product information, pricing, and real-time data, allowing them to seamlessly conduct business, research offerings, and complete transactions – all from any device.

Advantages of an eCommerce Website Portal:

  • Enables 24/7/365 availability of your business
  • Improved customer service and experience
  • Reach a greater audience

Key Features:

B2B and B2C Support
Convenience and simplicity influence all purchase decisions, whether selling to a customer or a corporate entity.

Expand your business offering with one website to support B2B and B2C customers. Control whether item pricing is available to all visitors or limited to access with a user login. A simple secure check-out screen helps reduce abandoned carts and, allows the user to choose their desired shipping address, shipping option, and payment method.
Complete ERP Integration
S2K eBusiness leverages the same database as the ERP system for real-time, accurate information and eliminates the need for complex integrations. This means information like inventory levels, order status, and customer data is always up-to-date on both platforms. Your customers experience a smooth, accurate buying journey, while you enjoy the efficiency of a single source of truth.
Customer Self-Service
Offer unmatched customer service options. S2K eBusiness customer self-service features provide a quick, seamless experience to give your customer all the information they are looking for from your website, reducing the load on your live customer support representatives. Create custom profiles for customers that provide access to their unique pricing, to enter orders from guides or from order history, pay open invoices, download past invoices, and view order status/track shipments.
Vendor Portals
Empower your vendors with the S2K eBusiness vendor portal. This secure online platform streamlines communication and collaboration. Vendors can easily track order status and lead times, deliveries and access relevant documents, all within a user-friendly interface. This fosters stronger relationships and improves efficiency throughout your supply chain.
Configured to Your Business
S2K eBusiness provides a Web Content Manager system that can be used to create, manage, and deliver content for your website. With a dedicated web design team, our eBusiness site can be completely configured to look and feel exactly how you want it - with your own logos, content, and copy. The design and layout of your website are separated from the content displayed within the website. This allows web content authors to create the content for your site without having to understand how to build a website.
Embedded Security Controls
S2K eBusiness prioritizes data security with granular user access controls. Each login can be meticulously configured to restrict the information users can view and the capabilities they possess within the platform. This ensures sensitive data is only accessible to authorized personnel, safeguarding your business and customer information.

B2B E-Commerce Doesn’t Play by Regular Rules

Leveraging Warehouse Management Systems to Comply with Food Safety Modernization Act
In the B2B world, the rules of engagement are different. B2B customers have complex buying patterns and needs. Transactions are characterized by intricate pricing structures, bulk orders and unique customer relationships that demand a more customized approach.

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