Frozen Food

In frozen food distribution, ensuring product quality and maintaining efficient operations are paramount. However, managing complex inventory, adhering to strict expiry dates, and navigating fluctuating ingredient weights can pose significant challenges. VAI's Frozen Food ERP system empowers distributors to overcome hurdles and achieve operational excellence. Our software provides robust features like lot and date tracking, giving you complete control over your inventory and ensuring food safety compliance. Catch weight management capabilities streamline processes for variable weight items, while advanced forecasting tools help you anticipate demand and optimize stock levels. With support for third party logistics (3PL) distributors, VAI's ERP system empowers you to streamline operations, minimize waste, and maximize profitability.

VAI’s Frozen Food Software Includes:
  • Integrated warehouse management system (WMS) for improved fulfillment and operations
  • Advanced customer and vendor rebates, billbacks, and promotions tracking
  • Support for Third Party Logistics (3PL) for billing of customers for storage and movement of inventory
  • Standard catch weight management processing

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