Listed below are VAI's upcoming events. All events are in Eastern Time.

07 - 30 - 2019 02:00 PM

In deploying to the cloud, there are a few different types of cloud options available such as Public, Private and Hybrid cloud environments. Enterprises at all sizes, are weighing  and comparing the costs, efficacy of in house IT staff, data control, security and other factors across all cloud platforms in determining which option to choose. This webinar will cover which types of applications work best for each type of cloud option and covers when to use which cloud environment. 

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08 - 08 - 2019 02:00 PM
S2K eBusiness Webinar

Unified commerce helps you deliver the best possible customer experience by replacing disconnected channels and systems with a single-source platform. In this webinar session, you will learn how S2K Enterprise Portal harnesses the insight and data from a single and centralized platform to drive customer engagement from the back office and the counter, through B2B and B2C connections online. Seamlessly connected, your customers benefit from real-time stock and price accuracy, robust order functionality, and self-service account management. 

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09 - 19 - 2019 08:00 AM
VAI Fall Forum 2019

Vormittag Associates, Inc. invites you to join us at our Fall Forum on September 19, 2019 at the Garden City Hotel, for an informal one-day discussion about the latest technology advancements, and how to leverage these solutions to thrive within your industry.

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10 - 21 - 2019 08:00 AM

Implementation of the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) continues to transform the pharmaceutical supply chain. As the industry works toward the law’s 2023 finish line, HDA’s annual Traceability Seminar brings together healthcare supply chain leaders to learn more about upcoming DSCSA implementation milestones as well as innovative approaches and lessons learned as distributors, manufacturers and dispensers implement serialization and traceability technologies to further preserve the safety and security of the healthcare supply chain. VAI will be demonstrating its award winning S2K Pharmaceutical Software solution at this event. 

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10 - 27 - 2019 09:00 AM
IFDA Internation Foodservice Distributors Association

VAI will be demonstrating its award winning Food & Beverage ERP solution at booth #1135 at the 2019 IFDA Distribution Solutions Conference, in Orlando, Florida. This conference provides excellent resources and insights that will strengthen your operations people and performance at every level! And the fact is, there's a lot at stake in your operations. You have to stay up on technology and best practices to deliver spectacular customer service. You have a wide array of products to deliver and food safety is paramount. What’s more, people are a BIG factor in operational success, and you have to grow professionally right along with technology and practices. 

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11 - 07 - 2019 02:00 PM
Webinar S2K Food and Beverage

Food distribution is a unique industry in many ways. Inventory management and tracking is critical. Lot and Date tracking, Broken Case Unit Conversions, Catch Weight Pricing, Truck Routing, Flexible Contract Pricing and Rebates/Promotions/Bill/Billbacks are just some of the requirements that make the food industry unique.  Award Winning ERP solution, S2K Enterprise for Food, was specifically designed to meet these requirements and to help distributors meet the challenges of today’s economic environment by automating and integrating business processes across the organization. 

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12 - 07 - 2019 09:00 AM
HARDI Heating Air-Conditioning & Refrigeration Distributors International

Every December, HARDI hosts its Annual Conference, the main event in HVACR distribution. The major 4-day event for HARDI members brings together distributors, manufacturers and other vendors ready to drive their businesses forward. While at conference, attendees have the opportunity to grow their professional networks and expand their industry knowledge from top experts providing relevant and unique perspectives.

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12 - 17 - 2019 02:00 PM
ERP Done Right S2K Enterprise for the HVAC Industry

If you are a distributor, manufacturer or retailer in the Plumbing and HVAC industry, you will need an ERP software solution that can help you increase productivity while reducing inventory. As of preferred vendor partner of HARDI, VAI’s S2K Enterprise Software for the HVAC industry addresses these demands by utilizing some of the most advanced technology available. Join VAI and learn how this innovative, fully integrated software suite will allow your business to be better equipped to access real-time inventory data, reduce errors and miscalculations, identify slow moving items, and much more. 

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