Success Story

U.S. Air Tool Co., Inc.

Company Overview

US Air Tool Company (USATCO) has been a family-owned and operated business since 1951. USATCO's founder, Joseph Percz, began the company in the basement of his home repairing surplus aircraft tooling. The company is now a US manufacturer and worldwide distributor of high quality tools for the aviation industry with offices in New York & California. In addition, from the beginning of the homebuilder era in the 1970's, USATCO has been providing tools and equipment to craftsmen around the world who build and fly their own aircraft. These "sheet-metal artists" are now flying thousands of planes built and maintained with USATCO tools.


To reduce the complexity associated with running the VAI S2K software on-premise in its New York and California locations, USATCO sought a cloud-based ERP system. The company wanted a solution that would fit within their budget, while also integrating seamlessly into USATCO’s IT environment. It was also important for the company to focus more on managing and growing the business, in addition to enhancing customer service, instead of worrying about software and hardware infrastructure.

Why Cloud ERP?

Cloud ERP empowers users to access the data they need, when they need it, to improve employee productivity and increase customer service. When the decision to switch to cloud-based ERP is made, organizations are able to deliver ERP software to end-users while eliminating excess hardware and still maintaining control over system integrations, thus reducing the complexity of providing the highest level of customer service. Companies today require a cost-effective cloud solution that meets all of their business needs and doesn’t compromise on customer service. Cloud adopters also have the benefit of adding applications such as Business Intelligence, Portal and CRM capabilities without dealing with infrastructure.

VAI S2K Cloud-based ERP: The Natural Solution for USATCO

VAI’s deep expertise in ERP and reputation for empowering mid-market companies with comprehensive, user-friendly solutions made it the ideal partner to address USATCO’s current and future objectives. VAI made the migration to the cloud smooth and seamless for the company’s IT and end users. There was no interruption to the business during the go live phase. VAI assisted USATCO with every step that was required, which included configuring secured connections to the hosted servers, user testing on the hosted server prior to go live, and configuration of external devices such as in-house printers.

“Mid-market companies require a cost-effective solution that meets all of their business needs and doesn’t compromise on customer service. We are thrilled to provide USATCO with an ERP solution that meets their business objectives and allows them to focus on company growth. We look forward to implementing VAI S2K portal technologies to help USATCO further streamline their business operations.”

- Bob Vormittag Jr., Project Director, VAI

Business Results

By adopting VAI’s S2K cloud-based ERP solution, USATCO lowered total costs and complexity and transitioned from times of variable costs to predictable costs, while freeing up critical IT resources for strategic initiatives and innovation. USATCO has improved overall business processes and reduced operating costs. Since implementing VAI’s S2K Cloud solution, USATCO is simplifying its e-commerce process and improving customer satisfaction.

Customer Quote:

“Since moving to the cloud, our staff has been able to focus on improving business processes, as well as customer satisfaction and company growth.”

- David Lombardo, Comptroller, US Air Tool Co.

Key Benefits

Following the company’s VAI S2K ERP cloud migration, USATCO has realized key business benefits, including:

  • Reduced Maintenance Costs: USATCO no longer needs to manage and maintain internal hardware and software separately, providing significant cost savings.
  • Data Backup and Security: VAI S2K Enterprise provides secure access to the ERP system, eliminating the need for USATCO to be concerned with system failures or data breaches.
  • Investment Protection: With VAI’s subscription-based payments, USATCO can invest in other areas of the business, such as purchasing new office equipment, enhancing the website, and expanding manufacturing procedures with the new cloud model to better analyze costs.
  • Less personnel training is needed: It takes fewer people to do more work on a cloud, with a minimal learning curve on hardware and software issues.
  • Application High-Availability: USATCO experiences continuous up-time while experiencing no IT or infrastructure points of failure.

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