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2021 | News Articles
Four Supply Chain Predictions For 2022
12/29/21 | Forbes
5-Step Predictive Analytics Process Cycle
12/15/21 | TechTarget
With Supply Chain in Crisis, Retailers Use Tech-Enabled Processes to Monitor Demand
12/3/21 | Street Fight Daily
VAI 2022 Predictions: Trends in Cloud-Based ERP
12/1/21 |
PruittHealth Leverages S2K Enterprise to Unlock Innovative Capabilities and Improve Data Management
11/18/21 | IT Business Today
How CIOs Can Prepare For Supply Chain Security Issues Heading Into 2022
11/17/21 | Forbes
An Interview with VAI's CFO: Remote Work, Cloud Adoption, ERP Trends, and More
11/15/21 | Global Fintech Series
How Predictive Analytics Can Help Suppliers Overcome Fluctuations in Demand
11/5/21 | Modern Restaurant Management

2020 | News Articles
Don’t Let A Crisis Disrupt Your Digital Transformation
12/17/20 | DevPro Journal
The Need for End-to-End Visibility in Food Supply Chains
12/15/20 | Supply Chain Brand
How Technology is Helping Companies Better Manage Food Recalls
12/14/20 | Food Manufacturing
Keeping Up with Telehealth: Pharma’s Evolution
12/9/20 |
FDA Approval Is Not The Only Vaccine Challenge
12/8/20 | Industry Week
VAI Predictions: Six ERP Trends To Expect in 2021
12/1/20 | VM Blog
WMS and Analytics Technology Makes the Difference for Meal Kit Companies Packaging Convenience with Sustainability
11/17/20 | eCommerce Times
Do we really need a Blockchain
11/2/20 | IT Wire

2019 | News Articles
How Will 5G Affect the Food Industry
12/23/19 | Food Logistics
Hybrid Cloud Keeps Getting Stronger - But Why?
12/20/19 | TechGenix
Companies Are Struggling to Manage IoT Data - Here’s Why
12/18/19 | Street Fight
The Year Ahead for ERP: Top Influencers Predictions for 2020
12/17/19 | ERP Solutions Review
Is Blockchain the Future of Food Safety
12/17/19 | Refrigerated and Frozen Foods
Top 4 Predictions For ERP Software Industry In 2020
12/12/19 | VMBlog
VAI and Customer, Hillcrest Foods, IBM, Cloud ERP
12/11/19 | IT Jungle
ERP the Centerpiece That Holds Tech Stack Together
12/10/19 | CMS Wire

2018 | News Articles
SAP Concur Launches ERP Integration With VAI
8/30/18 |
The Impact of Mobile Technologies in Warehousing and Distribution
8/27/18 |
Why Businesses Are the Real Winners in the Age of 5G: Part 2
8/6/18 |
VAI and Vertex Partner to Automate Sales and Use Tax in Integrated ERP Platform
7/25/18 |
Why Businesses Are the Real Winners in the Age of 5G: Part 1
7/23/18 |
The Technology Innovations That Increase Employee Productivity are Supported by ERP Systems, Which Includes Embedded AI
7/3/18 |
How ERP Software Can Support the Battle Against the Opioid Epidemic
6/28/18 |
Securing The Pharma Supply Chain With Blockchain
6/12/18 |

2017 | News Articles
Cutting Through the Hype: The Value of AI Today
12/8/17 |
After Disaster: Having a Disaster Recovery Plan Can Save Business
11/29/17 |
VAI Experiments with Watson
11/15/17 |
11 Common ERP Mistakes and How to Avoid Them
10/4/17 |
IT Investments That Gives Today's Businesses and Edge
9/26/17 |
Cloud Enterprise Resource Planning: 3 Reasons Why Cloud ERP is Misunderstood
9/15/17 |
Why Businesses Need to Update Their DR Plan Now
8/1/17 |
Best Practices to Lower Your Chances of Becoming a Victim of Malware
7/24/17 |

2016 | News Articles
VAI Customer Success Story: Rowmark LLC
12/22/16 |
Midmarket ERP Vendor VAI Preps Move From i-Series to the Cloud
12/14/16 |
ERP Adoption Gets Cloudy
12/14/16 |
Are you Migrating Your Business to the Cloud? Consider Your Options First
11/8/16 |
VAI Pours Business Intelligence Into Midmarket ERP
10/31/16 |
VAI Customer Success Story: Concordance Healthcare
10/19/16 |

2015 | News Articles
To Ensure a Successful CRM Implementation, Avoid these Three Mistakes
11/10/15 | IT Toolbox
5 Things to Never, Ever Consider When Picking an ERP
11/6/15 | IT Toolbox
5 Benefits of Warehouse Automation
10/13/15 | Evergreen
The New Rules of Customer Service: Why You Need Mobile, Social, & Cloud
9/3/15 | IT Toolbox
VAI S2K Enterprise for Food Enhances Inventory Management For Dietz & Watson
8/25/15 |
S2K ERP Automates Inventory Management, Accounting, Route Management, Order Entry, Logistics, and Retail POS at Seacore Seafood
8/25/15 | Food Engineering

2014 | News Articles
Ditch the Check Writing, Says VAI
12/2/14 | IT Jungle
Report from VAI User Conference 2014: VAI Software’s Competitive Longevity
11/26/14 | Technology Evaluation Centers
VAI Gives Berk Enterprises a New Analytic View
8/19/14 | IT Jungle
Non-Foods Marketing Selects VAI’s Mobile ERP
6/23/14 | Technology Evaluation Centers
W. Appliance Selects VAI S2K ERP
6/4/14 | Technology Evaluation Centers
Following the Best Practices for Lot Control Tracking
4/15/14 | Food Logistics

2013 | News Articles
VAI Projects Growth on Account of Cloud and Mobility
12/9/13 | TEC
IBM i ERP Vendor Modernizes For Success
12/2/13 | IT Jungle
The FDA And Mandatory Recalls
11/25/13 | Manufacturing.Net
Seneca Medical Uses Advanced Analytics to Help a Healthcare Provider Cut Costs and Maintain Service
10/3/13 | IBM Systems
VAI Delivers One GUI for All Devices with S2K Smart Center
10/1/13 | IT Jungle
ERP Systems Provide Visibility Into Food Safety
10/1/13 | CIO

2012 | News Articles
VAI Customer Seacore Seafood Discusses Consumer Safety
12/19/12 | Inbound Logistics
Martin Supply Company Transitions a Regional Powerhouse
12/12/12 | Industrial Supply
Bega Lighting Cuts Lead Time in Half with VAI S2K ERP
11/30/12 | SearchManufacturingERP
VAI Promises New User Experience with S2K 5.4
11/27/12 | IT Jungle
Vormittag ERP - Conference Highlights/Customer Insights
11/7/12 | ZDNet
Capitol Lighting Improves Sales by Moving to a Modifiable ERP System
10/15/12 | IBM Systems Magazine