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VAI Partners with Greenwing Technology to Provide S2K eBusiness Customers with Punchout Connector

August 15, 2023

Ronkonkoma, N.Y. — August 15, 2023  — VAI, a leading ERP software developer, and Greenwing Technology,  a supplier e-Procurement and punchout catalog integration company that works with clients worldwide to power supply-side e-Procurement solutions, have partnered to connect VAI eCommerce customers leveraging S2K eBusiness with Greenwing’s punchout connector. An eProcurement system allows the customer to order and receive invoices from multiple vendors, all from a centralized location, simplifying reporting on orders and payments. An eCommerce website called a punchout catalog enables institutional buyers to purchase directly from suppliers through their electronic procurement systems.

To keep tabs on their spending, institutions including colleges, businesses, and hospitals buy eProcurement software. They enable individual buyers to log item requests by connecting their buyers to their procurement apps via Punchout Catalogs, but they delegate the approval process to management. Even though orders are frequently quicker and more accurate, suppliers still interact directly with the same end customer.

The VAI and Greenwing connection works by integrating a VAI S2K eBusiness eCommerce catalog into VAI’s ERP system. It acts as a gateway connecting the transfer of cart and order information, allowing the systems to communicate seamlessly. Utilizing Greenwing as the intermediary between VAI S2K/S2K eCommerce allows a one-time setup on the VAI side providing integration into unlimited eProcurement systems, such as Ariba, Coupa, Jaggaer, and many others, maximizing ROI. The ability to provide invoices electronically allows completely paperless transactions between vendor and customer.

One company already benefiting from the VAI and Greenwing partnership is a premier distributor of janitorial and packaging supplies, equipment, and service. Nassco, Inc. connects to over a dozen organizations including school districts and health care organizations to supply MRO.  With this solution, Nassco can offer ordering options that support existing customer relationships, but also grow new ones as opportunities are uncovered.

“Working with our eCommerce and ERP partners is critical to our customers for a successful implementation,” said Jeremy Friedman, COO of Greenwing Technology.  “When all parties have experience and knowledge of the eProcurement system, eCommerce system, ERP system, and how they all work together, it yields a successful partnership and happy clients.”

Features of the VAI S2K eBusiness Punchout Catalog Extension Are:

  • Easy installation & configuration – Setup support from Greenwing provided.
  • Punchout Authentication – Allow the user to authenticate directly from their procurement system.
  • Punchout Cart Return – Direct integration of shopping cart data for procurement and ERP systems.
  • Compatible with any platform supporting cXML or OCI – Easily connect to over 100 eProcurement platforms.

“Our partnership with Greenwing allows our e-commerce customers to integrate into multiple e-procurement systems without any change to the VAI S2K e-commerce and ERP systems,” said John Venezia, Director, Portal Integrations at VAI. “This also allows them to do invoicing directly to an automated e-procurement system. Everything for the customer is in one place, allowing them a quick and easy process.”

For more information on how to leverage VAI and Greenwing, contact John Venezia at

About Greenwing Technology

Greenwing Technology helps organizations of all sizes develop B2B Punchout Catalogs, hosted catalogs, and electronic purchase order/invoicing systems to integrate with over 120 eProcurement systems.  With over 15 years of e-Procurement and punchout experience Greenwing works with clients worldwide to power supply-side e-Procurement solutions.  For more information, visit

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