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VAI and Fortra Leverage Solutions to Improve Infrastructure, Document Management, and Workflow Automation

August 23, 2023

Ronkonkoma, N.Y. – Aug 23, 2023VAI, a leading ERP software provider, announced today an integration with Fortra’s Webdocs document management and workflow automation solution. The integration provides customers with many new capabilities including document management, automated invoice capture, data extraction and document retrieval, intelligent forms, and workflow automation.

VAI and Fortra, formerly HelpSystems, a global leader in automation and cybersecurity solutions, have been business partners since 2017 with a focus on serving distributors, manufacturers, and retailers in the hard goods, food, and pharmaceutical industries. The documentation requirements in these industries are vast and continually creating ways to keep track of documents is a critical need for VAI and Fortra customers. By gaining automated capabilities from Fortra within VAI S2K Enterprise, customers can streamline operations and improve efficiency by eliminating manual and paper processes and instead relying on digital documentation, automation, and security.

“Fortra has been a fantastic strategic partner for VAI, as they provide the automated workflow and document management solutions that our customers need to improve efficiency across the organization,” said Maggie Kelleher, Director of Sales at VAI. “Customers today are facing immense challenges, from staffing changes to the rapid pace of digitization. With VAI and Fortra, companies can leverage cloud-based ERP technology that enables them to better anticipate consumer needs and securely streamline internal processes to improve productivity and scale the business.”

Fortra’s document management solutions integrated with S2K Enterprise feature automated invoice capture and data extraction to avoid manually entering information from invoices. Direct document retrieval with S2K Enterprise creates a platform to search for documents and information. By combining this technology with VAI ERP, retrieving data for customers creates a seamless workflow.

“The automated invoice capture and data extraction integration with VAI S2K Enterprise makes it easier for customers to not only securely access information but eliminate the manual document capture and data entry process, therefore bringing efficiencies and improving processing speed while ensuring the security of approvals and document access,” said Mike Long, Account Executive at Fortra. “Eliminating manual entry, the VAI and Fortra partnership allows customers to streamline processes with more accuracy and efficiency, especially during a time when businesses need ways to boost productivity and enhance collaboration between remote and internal workforce.”

One customer benefiting from the collaboration is Barnwell House of Tires. When the company quickly grew its business, adding four new locations overnight, the influx of paperwork overwhelmed this commercial tire business’ accounts payable (AP) and accounts receivable (AR) resources. They needed an easy-to-use document management solution, integrated with VAI’s ERP software, to quickly meet the doubling of invoices and payables. They maximized their ROI by rolling the Fortra Webdocs solution out to other departments, starting with human resources. Now the entire AP and AR documentation is accessible across the organization from capture to retrieval and invoices, orders, and quotes are optimized and digitized for easy retrieval. “The solution’s recall ability saves a ton of time on the AP side and AR is blown away at how easy it is to recall information they need quickly and easily,” said Dan Beyer, CIO at Barnwell House of Tires.

The integration of S2K Enterprise aids companies with compliance and regulation matters in real-time updates in addition to audit and version control, keeping records of historical and updated versions of documents, and controlling document access via permission/authority rights. Electronic approvals create an efficient digital process and eliminate physical paperwork boosting sustainability efforts and providing ways to help your employees be more efficient.

Every business is unique and has different processes,” said Long. “The key to our combined solution is the flexibility to work with customer’s processes while streamlining the data ingestion into VAI’s ERP and securely organizing the documents for quick and easy retrieval.”

Companies facing challenges with rapid growth, mergers and acquisitions, heavy manual processes, and lack of standardized document management and/or processes see the most improvement when integrating these solutions into their business model.

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