PruittHealth Leverages S2K Enterprise to Unlock Innovative Capabilities and Improve Data Management

November 17, 2021

Ronkonkoma, N.Y. — November 17, 2021 — VAI, a leading ERP software developer, and PruittHealth, a leader in post-acute care in the Southeastern United States, have partnered to develop and implement an electronic data interchange that will assist PruittHealth in completing its digital goals and transformation. With the COVID-19 global pandemic continuing to challenge companies to be innovative with their data management, VAI and PruittHealth are poised to lead the way in the space.

As a family-owned organization for 50 years, PruittHealth requires a robust ERP solution to handle its network of post-acute care offerings that serve 24,000 patients daily at over 180 locations. VAI and PruittHealth first began working together in 2020 to implement VAI’s ERP solution, S2K Enterprise, an integrated suite of advanced ERP applications designed to help businesses successfully compete and grow, especially in today’s unpredictable climate. In addition to leveraging the S2K Enterprise financial and distribution capabilities, the PruittHealth team will run S2K eBusiness, Smart Center, Analytics, and Mobile Proof-of-Delivery (POD) and WMS applications within the S2K Enterprise suite.

Just before going live with S2K Enterprise in 2021, PruittHealth sought to add an electronic data interchange (EDI) solution to exchange data with its many trading partners. Through its partnership with Infocon Systems, VAI transitioned PruittHealth to Infocon’s EDI solution, integrated with S2K Enterprise. With added EDI capabilities, VAI implemented a customizable approach to PruittHealth’s data management and information exchange needs.

“The value of partnership with VAI goes beyond the benefits of S2K Enterprise. The team at VAI has been reliable and flexible for our needs since the beginning of the implementation process,” said Steve Brooks, vice president of medical supply at PruittHealth. “When we sought an EDI solution, VAI quickly conducted the process for us by integrating with Infocon. This gave us the insights and support we needed from one platform.”

Looking into 2022, PruittHealth and VAI are working to add VAI’s S2K warehouse management capabilities to improve inventory processes and order entry, allowing the company to expand their products and services to more facilities across the United States. With VAI, the company has access to innovative applications that can take their business to the next level on S2K Enterprise.

“By integrating with S2K Enterprise and Infocon, PruittHealth has improved its data management and information exchange capabilities in a way that’s innovative and modern, built to scale,” said Rich VanHelden, Project Manager, VAI. “Our partnership thus far has been highly productive as we help the team build out a solution that goes beyond their EDI needs to grow the business. We look forward to advancing these goals together in 2022.”

About VAI

VAI is a leading independent mid-market ERP software developer renowned for its flexible solutions and ability to automate critical business functions for the distribution, manufacturing, retail, and service sectors. VAI's software solutions are backed by a wealth of experience and a reputation for excellence that countless companies rely on. With specific ERP solutions for Hard Goods, Food, and Pharmaceutical companies, VAI has helped some of the most recognized companies address key industry requirements and deliver bottom-line results. VAI continues to innovate with new solutions that leverage analytics, business intelligence, mobility, and cloud technology to help customers make more informed business decisions and empower their mobile workforce. For more information, visit

About PruittHealth

A family-owned organization for 50 years, PruittHealth provides a seamless network of post-acute care services and resources, offering skilled nursing care, home health care, end-of-life hospice care, therapy services, as well as pharmacy and infusion services across the Southeast. Our more than 13,000 employed partners serve approximately 24,000 patients daily in more than 180 locations in Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, and South Carolina. For more information about our commitment to caring, visit

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