Latest Innovations With S2K Analytics Provide VAI Customers With Enhanced Dashboard Reporting and Strengthened Functionality

September 2, 2021

Ronkonkoma, N.Y. – September 2, 2021VAI, a leading ERP software developer, today announced an update to its S2K Analytics application to include IBM Cognos version 11.2. The new functionality is available out of the box and designed to provide a more streamlined process with enhanced artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities - making it faster and easier to create sophisticated dashboards and work with a user’s data. 

Powered by IBM Cognos, S2K Analytics is an advanced business intelligence application that enables both high-level monitoring that focuses on the overall performance of the enterprise, and low-level monitoring that focuses on departmental metrics. Users across the distribution, manufacturing, retail, and service sectors can leverage S2K Analytics as a line of business performance tool in any kind of environment, including times of disruption, to achieve optimal performance metrics.

“We’re pleased to offer the latest functionality to our analytics customers,” said Bill Szybillo, business intelligence manager, VAI. “These new features will help enable excellent operational execution because of the streamlined dashboard creation and reporting, together with a detailed view of information. S2K enterprise customers will also be able to leverage these updates with more enhanced functionality, enabling them to really take their data collection to a point of maximum benefit.”

Some of the key updates to this application are:

  • Data Table in Reporting. Data table is a new type of data container in Cognos® Analytics reports. Similar to lists, data tables show data in rows and columns. Unlike in lists however, the data is rendered on the browser side, and not on the Cognos Analytics server side. As a result, the data in the data table are displayed with increased performance. What this means for users is that they can group and summarize data in data table columns, expand and collapse rows, apply filters to columns, and add custom indicators instead of numbers in measure columns. A user can drag a data table to a blank list and add content. They can also see all information in the same table and hide other components, allowing for a display of both a summary and detailed information.
  • AI Assistant. Along with automatic dashboard generation based on data, with an AI Assistant built-in, the create dashboard command can be combined with other parameters. A user can see this in the dashboard below with the command ‘Create a Dashboard for Attrition’. This filter is automatically applied, and a new dashboard will be created for attrition. A user can also continue adding parameters based on their columns, job role, or location. There’s a time saving benefit to this feature because users do not have to create dashboards from scratch.
  • Docked Toolbar. An author can now expect a consistent toolbar at the top of their dashboard, which is contextual based on their selection, providing a consistent location for the object toolbar in the development studio when creating dashboards or reports.
  • Reporting. S2K Analytics Powered by IBM Cognos Analytics reporting is a web-based report authoring tool that professional report authors and developers use to build sophisticated, multiple-page, multiple-query reports against multiple databases. To many S2K analytics users, this has become the preferred reporting method and replacement for many S2K Enterprise reports.

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