What’s on the Horizon for the ERP Industry in 2020?

2020 Predictions

As we prepare to celebrate the incoming year, we’re also setting our sights on what’s ahead in the complex and fast-changing world of technology and in particular, what’s upcoming in the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software space. We see more businesses today implementing, or at least inquiring about, today’s hottest technologies and ERP applications to streamline and automate critical business functions, accurately predict company data, better manage inventory, empower the sales team with tools that can close deals even faster, increase customer service, and take the company to new heights through growth and investment.

What then, will be the driving forces within the ERP industry in 2020? The following predictions are, in part, an assessment of what we see ahead for the ERP marketplace:

Continued adoption and use of mobile apps as business tools

With the rapid expansion of mobile devices, many manufacturers and distributors are being dramatically impacted by mobile applications that enhance business transactions. In 2020, we expect to see companies integrate more mobile solutions with the goal of turning smartphones and mobile devices into powerful business tools that can help customers improve efficiencies, enhance customer service, and increase sales.

Analytics leveraging AI will also be a big push in ERP next year

Predictive tools available in an ERP solution are already being used to make smarter business decisions based on past history, but with the addition of AI, this technology will have a big impact on how industries can utilize their ERP portfolio. Predictive analytics with AI will help companies optimize inventory and better track supply and demand. While robotic automation is also set to transform warehouses, ERP software with analytic and AI capabilities is the first step towards creating an automated supply chain that many executives envision for 2020. Overall, ERP will continue to mature in its technological offerings to give companies a full, well-rounded solution for all of their digital needs.

Cloudy, with more clouds in the forecast

We’ve seen more businesses move towards the cloud this past year, and expect a continuing trend in cloud-based ERP solutions growing in popularity next year, ultimately driving stronger business results for organizations. With cloud-based storage options, software applications can be employed faster and at a larger scale. Cloud-based ERP also provides the flexibility and cost-efficiency that organizations need to compete in a rapidly evolving market. Cloud ERP will give companies the boost to move beyond completing simple IT tasks to creating real technological change.

Robotics Automation increases supply chain effectiveness and transforms the warehouse

Robotics Automation will continue to transform the warehouse and create faster, more streamlined processes for many industries in 2020. Having an efficient supply chain with the use of technology has become a requirement for the health of businesses’ bottom lines. We’ll see automation continue to play a huge role in transforming the global supply chain, to the point where accurate and transparent product tracking becomes the new norm.

Making the 5G connection

The biggest breakthrough that will enable mass adoption of technology like AI and RPA is the availability of 5G. With 5G wireless connection, businesses can more easily leverage technologies like AI and RPA because of the influx of available data and ability to connect to a network of devices. With 5G, we believe the technologies we’ve long predicted will finally start to be used in the way they’re designed – to augment the daily lives of employees and consumers and increase operational efficiency throughout the business.

Exciting times are directly ahead in the ERP world, and we’re looking forward to seeing how these predictions take shape as 2020 unfolds. The constant flow of technical advancements and everchanging needs of businesses today ensure us that the best is yet to come for companies looking to take advantage of the tools that can grow the business beyond even yesterday’s highest expectations.  

Maggie Kelleher

Director of Business Development