Personnel that have previously taken the S2K Enterprise Implementation class and have a good understanding of their company’s current manufacturing process


To provide the user with an understanding of S2K Enterprise manufacturing process and its integration with all S2K Enterprise modules

Course Outline:

The manufacturing workshop is divided into seven sections: Setup and Interfaces, Standard Costing, Daily Transaction Processing, Production Scheduling, MRP, Shop Floor Data Collection and Inquiries/Reporting.


An in-depth review of setup files and flags, their functionality and significance.

  • All Manufacturing Module Interface Settings
  • File Maintenance Tables
  • Items
  • Bills of Material
  • Routings
  • Misc.

Standard Costing

A complete walk through of Standard Costing and its integration with the General Ledger.

Daily Transaction Processing

Manufacturing Work Orders from creation to completion.

  • Orders
  • Made for Stock
  • Make for Customer
  • Planned Orders
  • Material Issuance
  • Labor Entry

Capacity Requirements Planning

Analyzing the demand from Customer Orders and Manufacturing Orders. Review Schedule manipulation. Identification and rectification of bottle necks.

Material Requirements Planning

Tracking information flow into MRP from all possible sources. Review recommendations and order creation.

Shop Floor Data Collection

Entry and maintenance of shop floor reporting.

Inquiries and Reporting