LIVE Education Classes

LIVE Class Name Speaker Morning Session Afternoon Session
Make Better Business Decisions with S2K Analytics Joe O'Hea 10:30 am 2:35 pm
In today’s highly competitive market it is imperative that you constantly evaluate the success of the activities in which your business engages. VAI S2K Analytics OnCloud software provides your organization with both high-level monitoring that focuses on the overall performance of the enterprise, and low-level monitoring that focuses on departmental metrics and efficiencies. Review the latest reports and dashboards in VAI S2K Analytics and see how you can leverage this tool to make better business decisions.
Leveraging S2K Mobile Technology to Achieve Business Goals Debajyoti Das 10:30 am 2:35 pm
With the rapid expansion of mobile devices, enterprises everywhere are being dramatically impacted by the new wave of mobile technology. VAI’s mobile solutions turn ordinary smartphones into powerful business tools that can help you improve warehouse efficiencies, enhance customer service, and increase sales. VAI S2K Mobile solutions are actual applications that are downloaded and installed on your mobile device, rather than being rendered within a browser. They are specifically designed for smaller handheld displays and a touch-screen interface and can easily access the native functions of the mobile device, such as the camera.
Be a 24/7 Business with S2K eBusiness Customer Portal John Albertelli 10:30 am 2:35 pm
S2K eBusiness OnCloud provides a dynamic shopping experience that allows customers to quickly and easily find the products they are looking for, order from past history, create order guides, and upload their order from an excel spreadsheet. While shopping, customers will be encouraged to purchase a comparable higher-end product (up-sell) and buy related or complementary items (cross-sell). A simple secure check-out screen helps reduce abandoned carts and, allows the user to choose their desired shipping address, shipping option, and payment method. The market’s expectations have changed significantly, and the more you can consumerize the process for a buyer, the more obstacles you have ultimately torn down on the path to purchase.
Put the Power of S2K Sales Force CRM to Work for Your Sales Team Joe Scioscia 10:30 am 2:35 pm
To service customers and develop new sales opportunities, supply chain representatives need immediate access to customer and product information. Reviewing past sales activity, product availability, pricing, and promotions are critical in matching customer requirements with your value proposition. As a sales representative, you need to build trust with your prospects and customers. Buyers need confidence that you understand their needs and have the resources to meet those needs. VAI S2K Sales Force OnCloud was built for supply chain representatives, and it combines powerful contact management capabilities with direct real-time access to VAI S2K Enterprise OnCloud ERP data.
How S2K Supply and Demand Planning Can Improve the Supply Chain Catherine Ayala 10:30 am 2:35 pm
Automated purchasing systems are a key tool in helping businesses react to changes, reduce inventory, and increase sales. VAI S2K Supply and Demand Planning automatically reviews past usage trends and uses advanced formulas to predict future requirements. Users can make specific or global adjustments to the forecast to help buyers react quickly to supply or demand issues or opportunities.
Track Imports and Understand Your True Item Cost with S2K Cargo Tracking Gina Parry 10:30 am 2:35 pm
VAI S2K Purchasing encompasses import cargo tracking that allows you to track product movement and calculate a true landed cost for each imported item. Users can track containers, and the carrier, and view the estimated time of departure and arrival of every shipment. Users can assign an unlimited number of cost factors to each shipment or item, and allocate each cost by unit, weight, cubic measure, or cost.
How to Streamline Credit Card and Bank Reconciliation Processing in S2K Richard Schreiber 10:30 am 2:35 pm
VAI S2K General Ledger software also provides a bank reconciliation option that allows you to reconcile bank statements and general ledger accounts. VAI S2K new Credit Card reconciliation makes reconciling credit card statements easy.
Overview of S2K for Food ERP Release 6.2 Joe Scioscia 11:20 am 3:25 pm
The food industry is unique in many ways; inventory management and tracking are critical to comply with food safety regulations, and all business processes must be performed under tight time constraints. Lot and Date Tracking, Broken Case Unit Conversions, Catch Weight Pricing, Truck Routing, Flexible Contract Pricing, and Rebates, Promotions, and Billbacks are just some of the requirements that make the food and beverage industry unique. VAI’s ERP software for Food was specifically designed to meet the requirements of the food industry and to help businesses in this fast-paced environment compete by automating and integrating business processes across the entire organization and helping companies comply with food safety regulations. See the latest features in VAI S2K for Food, Release 6.2.
Overview of S2K Enterprise ERP Release 6.2 / 6.3 Pete Zimmerman 11:20 am 3:25 pm
Come see the latest enhancements in VAI S2K Enterprise, Release 6.2, and get a preview of the future development plans for Release 6.3. From procurement optimization to customer service to warehouse management automation, VAI's S2K applications for wholesale distributors will help improve customer service and boost productivity. To survive and thrive in this pressured supply chain position, a wholesale distribution company needs to control already tight margins by increasing efficiency and eliminating waste by utilizing a distribution management software solution.
Create Dynamic Financial Reports with S2K's Enhanced Financial Report Writer Gina Parry 11:20 am 3:25 pm
VAI S2K Analytics now includes a dynamic financial report writer to allow users to create custom financial reports. The simple, intuitive, drag-and-drop authoring capabilities is easily accessible from a web browser for financial reporting by any user, from novice to expert. Pre-canned reports include an income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow analysis.
All Your KPIs at Your Fingertips with S2K Smart Center Tony Milano 11:20 am 3:25 pm
With VAI S2K Smart Center you can create a personalized environment that contains any of the applications that you wish to access. In addition, the user can configure their homepage with a wide variety of application specific portlets that best suit the user’s role. Portlets come in many different forms and provide access to information from all VAI S2K Enterprise applications. By having immediate access to important information without ever having to leave your homepage, users can be more productive and react to business issues faster.
Maximize Efficiency with S2K Mobile Warehouse Management Debajyoti Das / Kumar Kandula 11:20 am 3:25 pm
VAI S2K Mobile Warehouse applications allow you to enhance your warehouse operations and replace expensive RF technology with modern mobile devices. These applications are designed to make transaction processing in your warehouse lighter, easier, and faster. By leveraging the enhanced touch screen display on the mobile device, data can be presented in a clear, concise, and easy-to-read format that reduces training time and speeds up operations. VAI S2K Mobile Warehouse applications work connected in real-time with VAI S2K Enterprise data. These applications can enhance your current warehouse processes and are also perfect for small stockroom management.
Accounts Payable Tutorial on ACH Processing and Credit Card Payments Richard Schreiber 11:20 am 3:25 pm
Review how to process Accounts Payable invoices with ACH and Credit Card payment. ACH stands for Automated Clearing House, a U.S. financial network used for electronic payments and money transfers. Also known as “direct payments,” ACH payments are a way to transfer money from one bank account to another without using paper checks. S2K’s credit card option allows users to pay AP invoices via a credit card for quick and easy payment processing.
S2K Order Processing Tips and Tricks Joe Scioscia 12:10 pm 4:15 pm
Effective order processing is the first step in providing outstanding customer service. VAI’s powerful customer order entry application was designed to allow rapid entry of customer orders, all while providing full access to enterprise data to answer your customers most difficult questions. In this session, learn some of the tips and tricks that can facilitate the ordering process, such as linking orders to a campaign or opportunity, the promotions window, rapid order entry, sales history price checking, order guides, NEW! complementary items, non-stock special orders, future orders / standing orders, and much more.
Ensure the Timely Tracking of Both Customer and Vendor Rebates and Programs Gina Parry 12:10 pm 4:15 pm
The VAI S2K Rebates, Allowances, and Billbacks tracking application maintains a real-time database to ensure the timely tracking of both customer and vendor rebates and allowances based upon sales or purchase history, or growth programs. Users can claim vendor rebates, reducing the current accrual and creating a credit memo to accounts payable or an invoice to open accounts receivable (billback). VAI S2K for Food version also supports “Off-Invoice” allowances by dollar amount or percentages that do not accrue and come directly off the customer or vendor invoice.
Leveraging APIs to Get Digital Transformation Right Debajyoti Das 12:10 pm 4:15 pm
Connect your systems, automate your processes, and gain visibility into your business with VAI’s public and custom APIs. These powerful APIs can allow you to set up data integration between VAI S2K and ecommerce storefronts, online marketplaces, third-party logistics providers, and much more. By automating the transfer of data, you keep your vital information centralized and eliminate manual data entry, costly errors and delays, data exports, and processes managed with spreadsheets and email.
Transform Your AP Department by Eliminating Manual Paper-based Processes Joe O'Hea 12:10 pm 4:15 pm
Leveraging Help Systems Document Management software, users can scan or import invoices and automatically extract the data from the documents and pass that data directly to VAI S2K ERP. Invoices that pass all validations go directly into VAI S2K Accounts Payable, and invoices that do not can be reviewed and corrected. All documents are captured directly into Webdocs for workflow approval, retrieval, and review.
Effective Accounts Receivable Payment Processing Richard Schreiber 12:10 pm 4:15 pm
For accounts receivable professionals, the cash application process is often associated with frustration. One of the most important things to understand about cash application is that no two companies follow the exact same process. A variety of factors can play into the cash application process, such as number of customers, the quantity of invoices, the delivery methods used to send invoices, payment methods, and more. Learn how to leverage advanced capabilities in VAI S2K Accounts Receivable cash receipts for effective payment processing.
The Advantages of Moving to VAI Cloud Kevin Beasley / John Muoio 12:10 pm 4:15 pm
Modern ERP solutions require sophisticated infrastructure. Utilizing VAI Cloud takes the complexity of running this infrastructure out of your hands, and gives you the benefit of a fully redundant data center. This also includes all the maintenance, management, and upgrades of this infrastructure, allowing you to concentrate on running your business. As more employees work from home, the ability to host applications in the cloud and access it from just about anywhere on the planet is quickly becoming vital.