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S2K Enterprise Service And Repair Software
In a service-oriented society, you need a field service software tool to keep your business on the top. VAI’s S2K Enterprise OnCloud for Service & Repair application meets that need. This integrated service management software provides you with detailed strategies and solutions to help you meet clients’ objectives.

Service Call Processing
The S2K Enterprise OnCloud for Service & Repair application is a field service software solution that provides a means of recording and tracking service repair calls. The user can easily track a service call through its various stages for customers that have equipment items needing repair. Customer information is easily accessed from the S2K Customer and Ship-To Master Files. Additionally, Service Call Processing information includes:
  • Primary contact information
  • User defined service call priorities
  • User defined service call status
  • The date the call was received / entered as well as scheduled for service
  • Item Number and Serial Number tracking for repair
  • Flexible recording of problem description and resolution description
  • Standard coding of problem codes and resolution codes

Service Call Technician Assignment
In addition to service call customer information, our field service software system supports assignment of technicians. Tracking technician assignments provides you with up-to-the-minute information on when and where a technician can be available, enabling you to provide your customers with the best possible service. Technician assignment highlights include:

  • Technician and location number (warehouse) assigned to the service call
  • Date the call was assigned to a technician
  • Estimated time of arrival at the customer site
  • Status codes that track the service call within the system
  • Support for on-line inquiry of existing technician schedules

Service Call Billing Process
At the completion of work performed for a service call, VAI’s field service software and service management software system supports tracking of time and materials in preparation for billing to ensure accurate and prompt billing of services performed. The billing process features:

  • Billable travel and labor hours
  • Parts used to repair the item
  • Ability to invoice an alternate customer
  • Service codes that identify the work performed
  • Additional comments associated with the work to be included on the customer invoice
  • Interactive creation of customer invoice or batch creation of customer invoices based on completed service calls

Feature Highlights

  • Customer & Ship-To Information
  • Assignment Information
  • Technician Codes
  • Priority Codes
  • Maintenance Status Codes
  • Preventative Maintenance Frequency Codes
  • Customer Accounts Receivable Inquiry
  • Service Schedule Inquiry
  • Service Calls By Technician Report
  • Customer Equipment Report
  • Equipment Serial Numbers & Service Tags
  • Inventory Accounting
  • Service Call Information
  • Work and Billing Information
  • Service Codes
  • Call Status Codes
  • Serial Number Status Codes
  • Preventative Maintenance Contracts
  • Item Inquiry
  • Service History
  • Service Calls By Date Report
  • Service Contracts Due to Expire Report
  • On-Line Help Lookup
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