S2K Enterprise

S2K Enterprise Software harnesses the power of technology and enables businesses to better anticipate consumer needs and enhance productivity

Many midsize companies struggle with being able to bring on the technology skills to allow them to compete with larger enterprises. When you’re looking at applications like mobile or analytics or commerce, midsize companies require solutions that can provide end-to-end capabilities rather than having to buy and implement all the hardware and applications themselves. S2K Enterprise in the cloud offers midsized growth companies the advanced technology they require to improve efficiencies, reduce costs, and grow - all in one easy to deploy and support environment. With built-in analytics and intelligence, S2K Enterprise ERP cloud-based solutions provide companies with the ability to confidently make smarter decisions that better address real-time business imperatives.

"For any company, increasing its revenue by just a few percentage points a year is quite an achievement, but when profits increase 42% every year for four straight years, It’s an unheard of accomplishment. Without VAI’s S2K software, our enormous growth may not have been possible."

- Michael Clifford, VP of Finance, McClarin Plastics, Inc.

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