Route Management

For companies with their own truck fleet, getting vehicles loaded and on their way can be a very complicated task. Managing routes and stops, inventory allocations, vehicle capacity limits, stacking restrictions, and more must be performed under tight time constraints. S2K Route Manager application helps managers organize routes and ensures that warehouse pickers have the right information, minimizing breakage and maximizing efficiency. As orders are released to the warehouse they are cued up in the route manager screen. The route manager screen displays the quantity, weight and cube for each route with subtotals for dry, refrigerated, and frozen goods. From this screen the user can change the trailer for more capacity, manage stops, allocate inventory, view shorts, allow item substitutions and much more. S2K Route Manager also provides a standard interface to Roadnet® for automated truck routing. Once orders are allocated and routed, S2K creates units-of-work (UOW) in reverse stop order to assist pickers in loading each truck. Each UOW is based on pallet TI-HI, max cube, max weight, crush factors, and number of orders per pallet. Powerful inquiry screens allow managers to view the status of each route and the picking progress in real time. Once picked, each UOW can be verified and loaded on the truck. Backload Sheets, Trip Sheets, Bills of Lading, and Invoices can be generated if required.

Roadnet® Interface

Distributors face multiple challenges every day, high volumes of customer orders to organize, rising fuel costs, drivers and vehicles to manage, changing road and traffic conditions, and tight time windows. To remain profitable it is necessary to find a balance between route efficiency and servicing customers.

Roadnet®, a tactical daily routing tool, allows you to do just this. Optimize routes and have the ability to balance both profitability and customer requirements. Using advanced industry algorithms and custom routing passes, you can create multiple intelligent route plans faster, maximizing the investment in your fleet. Roadnet’s Transportation Management Products can help you:

  • Dramatically reduce miles and driver overtime
  • Increase customer service satisfaction
  • Enhance driver performance and accountability
  • Maximize driver and equipment productivity