S2K OnCloud Enterprise
Rebates, Promotions, and Billbacks

S2K Enterprise ERP
Rebates Allowances and Billbacks

The S2K Rebates, Promotions, and Billbacks tracking application maintains a real-time database to ensure the timely tracking of both customer and vendor rebates and billbacks based upon sales or purchase history.

Product Overview
  • General Ledger entries for accrued customer and vendor rebates
  • Establish a single rebate program that covers multiple customers
  • Entry programs to claim customer rebates, reducing the current accrual and creating an accounts receivable credit memo
  • Entry programs to claim vendor rebates, reducing the current accrual and creating a credit memo to Accounts Payable or an invoice to open Accounts Receivable (billback)
  • Supports "Off-Invoice" allowances by dollar amount or percentages that do not accrue and come directly off the customer or vendor invoice
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