Monitor Suspicious Orders in Real-time with integrated ERP and SOMS

Event: Thursday June 30, 2022 | 2:00 PM EDT - 2:30 PM EDT
Monitor Suspicious Orders in Real-time
Knowing your customer’s ordering habits is a critical part of compliance in drug distribution. Drug supply distributors need a pharmaceutical ERP solution like VAI S2K Pharma, which has basic built-in logic to help customers meet this need. Adding the NavigateSOM solution, available through Pharma Solutions, takes it to a new level with additional algorithms and the ability to better manage higher volumes of orders.

If you’re a drug supply distributor, this webinar will offer you a look at the VAI S2K Pharma ERP and Pharma Solutions NavigateSOM interface, and how it can help you eliminate bottlenecks and speed up the processing time, increasing throughput for orders that trigger suspicious order controls. Learn how the S2K Pharma and NavigateSOM solutions will monitor every controlled substance order in real-time, around the clock. You’ll also gain an understanding of how these solutions offer easy and fast DEA Compliance.

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