How can Modern ERP Software Support Your Rebates and Allowances Program?

Event: Thursday July 14, 2022 | 2:00 PM EDT - 2:30 PM EDT
How can Modern ERP Software Support Your Rebates and Allowances Program
Many distributors use rebates, allowances and bill-backs, to take advantage of the best deals for both themselves and their customers. But tracking these programs can be a daunting task if you don’t have the right ERP system. S2K’s rebates and allowances application provides integrated tracking of both Vendor and Customer programs, with drill down capabilities to review the specific invoice details for each program. By having all the information you need in one program your team will have everything they need to quickly and effectively reconcile accrued dollars and keep your ledgers up-to-date and automatically integrate debits and credits with accounts payable and accounts receivable.

Join our complimentary webinar offering a look at these essential tools, and get a product overview of S2K features including:
  • General Ledger entries for accrued customer and vendor rebates
  • Single rebate program that covers multiple customers, including growth incentive programs
  • Entry programs to review progress and reconcile and claim vendor and customer rebates
  • Automatic creation of debits and credits in Accounts Payable or Accounts Receivable.
  • Supports "Off-Invoice" allowances by dollar amount or percentages that do not accrue and come directly off the customer or vendor invoice

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