Concordance Healthcare Utilizes VAI S2K Suggested Purchasing to Provide Visibility Across 20 Locations

August 13, 2019

Ronkonkoma, N.Y. - August 13, 2019 - VAI, a leading ERP software developer, and Concordance Healthcare, one of the largest independent healthcare distributors in the U.S., are working together to provide Concordance Healthcare with the visibility to make exceptional purchasing decisions. With VAI’s S2K Suggested Purchasing application, Concordance Healthcare is able to streamline purchasing processes and gain insight on inventory levels across all 20 locations.

Concordance Healthcare, formally Seneca Medical, began working with VAI’s S2K Enterprise Software in 2005. After merging with Kreisers, Inc. and Midwest Medical Supply Company, Inc. in 2016, Concordance Healthcare quadrupled in growth and went from six to 20 distribution centers. To serve this larger customer base, Concordance Healthcare was in need of a suggested purchasing application that could provide oversight for the entire organization.

Concordance Healthcare wanted a purchasing solution that could improve inventory levels by suggesting accurate purchase quantities. Concordance also had a requirement to be able to meet vendor target levels in order to make intelligent purchasing decisions. It turned to VAI’s S2K Suggested Purchasing application to increase efficiency and operate all processes in one place.

“As a healthcare distributor, it's imperative for us to have full visibility across our locations to reduce excess inventory, transfer overstock to neighboring locations, track suppliers, and forecast future spending to help with budgeting," said Keith Price, CIO at Concordance Healthcare. “VAI has been a trusted partner in providing us with the necessary technology to oversee our distribution centers while helping us make purchasing decisions in real time.”

With VAI’s solution, Concordance Healthcare has been able to reduce inventory levels while increasing fill rates to meet customer demand. VAI’s technology allows buyers to set targets for purchased items multiple ways. This is crucial in reducing total inventory cost by taking advantage of vendor incentives such as eliminating freight cost.

VAI’s S2K Suggested Purchasing application also targets inventory levels to eliminate stock outs and excess inventory, providing a significant cost savings for Concordance Healthcare and its’ customers. With S2K Suggested Purchasing integrated with S2K Enterprise, Concordance Healthcare is able to streamline its business processes and adjust its product line under one complete solution.

“Our suggested purchasing technology has given Concordance Healthcare complete visibility into its supply - increasing ROI and decreasing obsolete inventory,” said Kevin Dick, Director of R&D at VAI. “We look forward to strengthening our partnership even further as Concordance Healthcare continues to expand its footprint nationally.”

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About Concordance Healthcare

Concordance Healthcare Solutions, one of the largest, independent, healthcare distributors in the U.S., was formed through the merger of Kreisers, MMS - A Medical Supply Company, and Seneca Medical. Concordance services the entire healthcare continuum with strategically located distribution centers across the country, and the ability to quickly and efficiently serve over two-thirds of the healthcare systems in America.

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