Technologies That Are Set to Transform The Supply Chain 2020
Technologies that are set to transform the supply chain in 2020

There is no doubt that the supply chain is growing at a rapid pace, with heightened customer demand impacting global fulfillment speeds and shortening shipment deadlines. In fact, two of the top challenges for manufacturers in 2020 will be the lack of supply chain collaboration and need for better supply chain visibility.

Key Trends | Apparel Store Clerk on Laptop
Key Trends for Retailers to Beat Competition in 2020

Technology advances in retail are an important contributing factor to a successful busy season. Retailers will also likely have to pivot their strategies to strengthen customer relationships and build brand loyalty through an online presence. Technologies such as predictive analytics and AI are helping companies collect and store useful data while predicting consumer habits, allowing brands to better connect with their consumers.

Perfect Recipe to Spice Up ERP Software | Ingredients
The Perfect Recipe to Spice Up Your ERP For Food Software

Can you imagine if you switched salt with sugar in your favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe? It would change entirely the taste and texture of your cookie. Now consider if you were missing an important ingredient in your Food ERP software solution. Finding the right ERP software for your food business can be almost as easy as following a recipe, if the software has all the right components for your business. Today we explore the top 3 must-have features that are critical ingredients for your ERP Software selection.  

2020 Predictions
What’s on the Horizon for the ERP Industry in 2020?

Exciting times are directly ahead in the ERP world, and we’re looking forward to seeing how these predictions take shape as 2020 unfolds. As we prepare to celebrate the incoming year, we’re also setting our sights on what’s ahead in the complex and fast-changing world of technology and in particular, what’s upcoming in the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software space.What will be the driving forces within the ERP industry in 2020? Take a look at these predictions that are an assessment of what we see ahead for the ERP marketplace.

BlockChain | Data Protection | Smart Home Security | Data Transaction / Digital Currency | Product Tracking | Shipment Tracking
Three Areas that Will Drive Retail’s Adoption of Blockchain in 2020
November 25, 2019 Software/Technology Todd Endsley

Whether it’s accepting digital payments, improving supply chain visibility, or streamlining logistics, predictions are that blockchain has a bright future in the retail industry. More retailers will begin to rely on blockchain for increased efficiency and data management as we move into the new year and these key areas for application are realized. There are three areas in particular that will drive blockchain’s adoption among retailers in 2020; click here to find out more.

Mobile Computing
The Age of Mobile Computing

For many businesses, mobile computing is no longer a “like to have” option. Staying ahead of the competition requires staying on top of the technology curve. The technical advancements and advantages in the age of mobile computing and mobile application usage are still being discovered and indeed, still being developed, but as more businesses adopt to these smart business tools, “like to have” is fast becoming, “need to have.”