Tips to help you feel like you’re on “Cloud 9”

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March 26, 2016 Cloud Computing

Cloud nine can be defined as a feeling of great happiness, almost as if you’re drifting away with no care in sight, on a soft luxurious cloud. Those who are operating their ERP through Cloud technology are on their way to achieving that exact same feeling. Cloud solutions offer cost reductions, an increase in more user friendly features, as well as drastic visibility connection. Companies running their ERP in the cloud have seen increased efficiency, flexibility, and collaboration, and have witnessed the potential for more accurate and timely forecasting, with real-time access to data. With Cloud ERP implementation on the rise, wholesale distributors and manufacturers who utilize cloud technology place themselves in a position to succeed, and rest easy on “Cloud 9.”

Follow these guidelines to get the most out of your ERP Cloud solution.

Keep Cost in Check. With a cloud solution, the costs related to IT support are lowered because support would now be handled externally. Organizations can often pay for their solution on a recurring basis, without a need for a large, upfront expenditure. Another reason wholesale distributors and manufacturers select cloud technology for their ERP applications are similar to the needs of all other organizations. There are many challenges that come with outdated applications. They can be costly and time-consuming to update, and outdated applications do not provide access to the most updated functionalities. In a cloud solution, updates can be handled automatically, ensuring that organizations are always on the latest release.

Determine Functionality. When looking at the advantages of choosing a cloud solution, consider ERP platforms that are easy to use – even the most practical ERP solutions won’t help your bottom-line if your team can’t use it. User-friendly ERP solutions will lead to a higher employee usage rate and greater benefits. ERP solutions represent a significant investment, so it’s important to care about and understand its functionality. As organizations add processes, products, or business units, their ERP system must be able to reflect those changes to the business quickly, cheaply, and without disruption.

Focus on collaboration. Since an ERP cloud solution can be accessed anywhere, employees can communicate more effectively. Since employees can utilize these solutions no matter where they are, it is natural that collaboration would be improved. Modern Cloud solutions can be more effective at interacting with more types of technology and enabling better integration. In the wholesale distribution and manufacturing industries, it is common to have clients geographically spread out. Employees must be able to share data across many locations in order to ensure demand is accounted for, shipments are delivered on time, and routes are altered to ensure better service.

Cloud technology provides a powerful deployment due to its unique benefits. Cloud ERP is the modern platform for all future business developments. For those still on edge about change – It’s time to keep your feet on the ground and your head in the clouds.

Kevin Beasley

Chief Information Officer